Tuesday, February 1, 2011

News on USP Labs' "Pink Magic": High Dose Massularia Acuminata Increases Testosterone and Makes Bucks Horny as Hell

Faithful readers of the SuppVersity will probably remember my short write-up on USP Labs Test Booster "Pink Magic". Now that the initial fuss about how "brilliant" and "unique" the product is, is over there is finally another study on the efficiency of its main ingredient, a shrub called massularia acuminata.

Two scientists from Nigeria (Yakubo. 2011) published an article on the "Effect of Aqueous Extract of Massularia acuminata Stem on Sexual Behaviour of Male Wistar Rats" in the January issue of Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine. The scientists found that supplementation with 500 and 1000 mg/kg body weight (equivalent to 6.8g and 13.6g) of an aqueous extract of the stem of the botanical...
... increased the frequencies of mount and intromission. In addition, the ejaculation latency was significantly prolonged (P < .05). The latencies of mount and intromission were reduced significantly whereas ejaculation frequency increased. The extract also reduced the postejaculatory interval of the animals. Computed percentages of index of libido, mounted, intromitted, ejaculated and copulatory efficiency were higher in the extract treated animals compared to the distilled water-administered control whereas the intercopulatory interval decreased significantly.
In short: the rats were horny as hell ;-) But there was more to it:
The extract also significantly (P < .05) increased the serum testosterone content of the animals except in those administered with 250 mg/kg body weight on days 1 and 3.
In view of these results it is interesting to have a look at the amount of massularia in Pink Magic. Unfortunately, USP provides no data on the amount of the individual ingredients - so, we only know that there is 1.6g of a mixture of massularia and two other botanicals in one serving. Massularia is mentioned first which tells us that it should be the main ingredient. So, let's be generous and assume that there is 1.0g of massularia per serving. USP recommends 3 servings per day. This would amount to 3.0g of massularia, which has now been clinically proven to be insufficient; and what's more even with 6.8g/day (equivalent to 500mg/kg in rats) the increase in testosterone (cf. Table 1) is still almost negligible.
Table 1: Effect of aqueous extract of Massularia acuminata stem on serum testosterone concentrations of male rats. (Yakubo. 2011)

What about all the positive feedback on various message boards, then? Well, we do not know how the dosing protocol used in rats eventually translates to human beings. The above calculation is based on a standard human equivalence dose formula, the accuracy of which is certainly questionable. Thus, the results of the study are actually good news for USP Labs, as they prove that massularia which, by the way is not a USP Labs exclusive anymore, actually works.