Thursday, January 3, 2013

Adelfo Cerame - After the Holidays: Energy Intake, Macros, Supplement & Training Regimen +Science Round-Up Preview

Neither the "high" carb intake nor the holidays did any harm to Adelfo's physique - on the contrary!
Things always seem to happen, when you least expect them. Actually I had today's SuppVersity post - a follow up on yesterday's post on the "anabolic" response to cardio before and after workouts almost ready, when "the bell rang" and Thunderbird told me that I had a new email from nobody else, but "Your's Truly" Adelfo Cerame Jr and if you were not already staring in awe on his "post Christmas" conditioning in the image on the right, I guess his would be the moment to write: "I can tell you folks you will be amazed about what you are about to see" ;-)

Since you are already seeing, I will briefly squeeze in the obligatory preview on the Thursdaily SuppVersity Science Round-Up which is going to start - as usual - on 1PM EST (live on Super Human Radio).

Even scientists go on holiday (or is it just the publishers?)

Unfortunately the week in between Christmas and New Year saw even less interesting publications, so that this is actually the first time, I did not have to throw out 50% of the potential news... but I guess that's not really of interest to you, so let's see what we've got
  • Our weekly caffeine news: A closer look at MOA of the fat loss effects of caffeine
  • Ghrelin the hunger hormone? Who would have thought that it's anticatabolic?
  • More on exercise and hunger: There is no way - Taubes was/is/will be wrong.
  • Building muscle in the sauna? Heat, stress & muscle hypertrophy
  • Exercise and BCAA complement each other
If my estimations are correct there will, at best, enough time to discuss some more general things about protein supplementation and answer important questions such as how much protein can you absorb from meats, eggs, shakes and so on in an hour and how will that affect your net gains?

But enough of the previews, now: Let's hear and see what Adelfo Cerame Jr has to tell and show you after his intermittent "SuppVersity guest post fasting". On a side note: Just in case you belong to those people who still believe that Adelfo = Adel (this is me) = one person <= this is not the case, everything that follows is, if anything, edited and put int the right format by me, but it's written by Adelfo. On he other hand, everything else except Adelfo's now bi-weekly guestposts is penned by one and the same author, which is me - alright? Alright ;-)

Happy belated Christmas and Happy New Year’s SuppVersity readers. 

I know I have been missing in action for a while and I probably will be for the next 3 weeks, until I finish my final term for school, then I’m finally done! So I’m going to keep this short and sweet and give you guys a brief update on how contest prep has been going…

13 weeks down, and 11 more to go!

So far my prep has been going great, even better than last year. I feel I am very much ahead of schedule compared to last year. My body has responded well to the higher amount of carbs I’ve been taking in this year. The response is in fact so fabulous that I have even had to go below 150g of carbs, yet. Coach Alberto has been fluctuating me from 150g-200g, and he only drops them to 150g when he wants to dig deep for a few; and then bring them back up. Or as he would say, throw deep for a few plays, and then go back to playing conservative again.
Adelfo looks the way others would love to look "pre-contest", only days after Christmas and New Years Eve.
My training also has made a big difference in my physique. The higher volume, workload and frequency of my muscles being trained has really brought up my physique especially in my problem area - the lower back, where I can really start to see the muscles come out and start forming a Christmas (very timely, isn't it?). This is the depth in my back that I’ve been wanting to achieve for a while, so I’m hoping for it to really start coming out within the next month or so.

As for my diet…

Just in case you are wondering what my numbers are looking like…

Diet protocol:  IF + IIFYM (intermittent fasting + if it fits your macros)
  • Macros - Regular days:
    Fats: 40g / Carbohydrates: 150-200g / Protein: 200g
  • Macros - High days (refeeds):
    Fats: 40gCarbohydrates: 225-300g / Protein: 200g
  • Fiber: 25-55g/day Fluids: 2.5 liters/day
Supplements: Multivitamins, fish oil, vitamin D3, Creatine, and BCAA’s
maybe a pre-workout supp from time to time major changes to my training regimen as of yet

Hypertrophy + Strength training split (kind of like P.H.A.T.) using an RPE scale

You can read up on the details of the RPE plan in my previous blogpost "Complete New Routine + RPE Training Principles Explained".

Otherwise, that's it for today. Just as I said, it was going to be brief but once school is over I will be able to focus and contribute more to my Thursday blogs ;-)


  1. Adelfo! Finally back my friend, glad to see you powered through the holidays and are looking great as always. Also got to love the IF + IIFYM (from whole food sources I'm assuming... most of the time ;-)

    Anyway I'm guessing your on a slow-cut diet, and protein is probably around 1.5 g/lb. Carbohydrates are always the variable. My curiosity stems into fat. No studies have really looked at fat intake relative to the weight of the individual for optimal amounts (unlike protein and carbs which have countless g/lb. studies). Fat always seems to end up a percentage of total calories. So how did you arrive at 40g? On your highest carb intake fat is about 18% of calories, and I generally like to set a bottom line at 20% of calories so that my hormones don't get wacky. Thoughts?

    1. I am not sure about Adelfo's current intake, but my general rule of thumb is to never go below 50g of fat - for two reasons:

      (a) you need fats for hormones and optimal function (not really much, but you still need it)

      (b) going below 50g will restrict you to a chicken breast + rice diet and that's bullocks ;-)

      With 50*8 = 400 that would by the way be 20% for the average Joe and his 2,000kcal diet

    2. Does this 50 g also apply to women or could/should women go lower when cutting ?

    3. women are actually better fat burners than men, anyway. So I don't see why the 50g won't apply. I suggest you read my latest interview with Caseperformance specifically the part starting out with

      "For Mrs. Jane Average, who has a total body weight of 65kg and a body fat percentage of 20% on a 1.70m frame the Oshima equation would yield a basal metabolic rate of ~ 1475kcal. This is something you can actually build on. With a minimal protein intake of ~30g+ of quality protein (from real foods!) per meal and ~100g+ per day (1.5g/kg body weight), you’ll already have allocated 400kcal. A minimum of 50g of fats and 100g of carbs to keep chugging along nicely will add another 800kcals to the equation. "

      click here for more =>

    4. Thank you again. I will start eating 30g of nuts a day as that according to studies alleviates depression. I have noticed that low-carb diet induces depression in me. I will raise my carbs above 100g as well as fat ti a minimum of 50g.

    5. 30g of nuts countering depression seems very arbitrary. I believe it would have more to do with the types of fats and increased caloric intake as opposed to the nuts. Low-carb diets induce depression in some people because it mimics starvation and limits serotonin production. 100g/day is the minimum recommended in these people since that is the amount your brain will use.

    6. Hi PrimalKid,

      My apologies for the late response. I'm usually good at always checking the blogs since I do not get notified via email when there are comments but i was at work all day yesterday so I could not check up. As for your question on my fat being at 40g; it is what coach Alberto prescribed for me. I understand that it is on the low end but still about 20% of my total kcal. And yes I do agree and as I have learned from Adel that fats should be kept around 50g for hormonal and metabolic processes however when it comes to the competitive perspective of things in order to get that disgusting, shredded anatomy chart look, coach Alberto feels that that may be the ticket to get that extra fat off (my lower back). Plus I also feel that with my higher carbohydrate intake, i can afford to drop my fats on the lower end since i'm not doing any sort of ketogenic type diet. So to answer your question about my fats being low and at around 18% of my total kcal. during my refeed; It's not such a big deal since its only 1x out of the week, plus my carbohydrates are high during those days, so like i mentioned, I feel that you can afford to lower your fats when carbohydrates are high.

    7. Hey no worries! Clearly whatever your doing is working ;)

      On a side note, how do you space your carbohydrates? Obviously you eat some peri-workout, but I doubt its all 300g, and you are time constrained because of the intermittent fasting. I was talking with Adel about this yesterday, since I am bulking and eating 300g/day of carbs as well. I started carb-backloading and eating all of them at night with dinner (besides my peri-workout carbs which I consume around lunch time). Adel mentioned that the only real benefit was psychological since you get to stuff your face (not saying I disagree ;-) I am curious as to your opinion as well though. Also, I will be only fasting for 12 hours this next bulking cycle so that I can eat more meals rather than just 2.

  2. Hi Dr. Andro, I'm an your fan from Italy...... i follow you every day seriously!

    I would you ask about your timing and dosage of your supplementation program: Multivitamins, fish oil, vitamin D3, Creatine, and BCAA’s.

    Thank you for an answer ;)

    1. I am wondering about how a fan can still confuse me and Adelfo, because the question is obviously directed to Adelfo's supplement regimen, as I don't take any of the former three ;-)

      Check out my remarks about me = Adel = Dr. Andro and someone different, namely my friend Adelfo doing the guest posts on Thursdays only in the last paragraph before the subheading *thx*

    2. Multivitamins, fish oil, vitamin D3, BCAA's... Does Adelfo read Suppversity's posts at all? :p

    3. IMHO,

      Multivitamin = good buffer so long as it only gets you the RDA or less, since most should be supplied by the actual diet. Becomes more important when calories are restricted.

      Fish Oil = Good in low doses to help balance the omega-3/6 equation, but counter-productive in high amounts.

      Vitamin D3 = Good if you live indoors. Try getting some sun though.

      Creatine = Everyone should take it, period.

      BCAAs = Have their place, but unnecessary.

      Of course I take all of them haha

    4. I have to jump to Adelfo's rescue here: He takes a regular multi when he is dieting and has to limit his overall food intake (makes sense`), low dose fish oil (makes sense, if you can't pound tons of grass-fed beef any longer and don't eat fish regularly), vitamin D3 <= here Adelfo is downright examplary, as he did have his levels checked before and they were somewhat low (not deficient though)

    5. Well, it was partly a joke.

      However, I think instead of multi (overdosed with cheap stuff) is better to take a spoon of liver powder - extremely convenient and even tasty if you are into this stuff.

      As for omega-3 it is accumulates in tissues, right? If so, then why do pill routine instead of eating fish once in a while?

      Also I can't help, but notice that Vitamin D Council sure doing its job just fine...

    6. Hello Pio,

      In my opinion multi's aren' necessary if you're eating a variety of foods such as fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. but like primalkid mentioned it's more so of just a buffer to ensure that i'm getting my micronutrients, because there are those days when i'm only hitting the minimum for fiber intake and don't get to eat as much fruits and veggies on certain days, so yes i will take a multi.

      with fish oil, most of our meats are farm raised so higher in omega 6 and it can be a bit pricey to always buy farm raised, wild caught grass-fedd... so yes i feel that fish oils can help with balancing out your omega 3/6 ratio

      with vitamin D3, it's something i never really took, I actually just started taking it because it was recommended by coach Alberto

      Creatine is something I always take especially during a cut. it helps me maintain my strength and can aid in keeping my muscles fuller.

      BCAA's are not necessary especially if you're eating a good pre-workout meal but there are days where I do train fasted so i do like to drink bcaa's and to be honest, i've been supplementing with them for so dang long, i just enjoy the taste :-)

      how i dose....

      fish oil: 2-3g epa/dha
      vitamin D3: 2-5000iu
      BCAA's: 10g (1 scoop) intra-workout
      creatine: 5g intra-workout (mix with my bcaa's)
      multi's: whenever i feel i need it

    7. Thank you very much Adelfo for your answer, and thank you for have dedicated a some minute for me.

      Since July even I take ONLY this supplements for my preparation, I believe very much in these supplements not only for the studies in support.
      But I do not understand why do you not take the creatine in times when the insulin is greater? It's a simple question I don't want doubt the knowledge or that of Alberto (one of the best coaches in circulation no doubt)

  3. You're right, I'm sorry. Read and understood :)

    1. no problem. I have emailed Adelfo, I guess he will show up and answer your (as well as others') questions as soon as he has some time to spare