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Juice Plus does not Prevent Common Colds, but Shortens Phases With Severe Symptoms

If you are like me, you probably like very concrete studies. Studies such as the one published by Roll et al. in the British Journal of Nutrition ( Roll. 2011 ). In a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, the scientists investigated the effect of 4 capsules of Juice+ on healthcare professionals (mainly nursing staff aged 18–65 years) from a university hospital in Berlin, Germany. The results are not earth-shattering, but interesting nonetheless. While supplementation did not decrease the mean number of days the subjects experienced "common cold symptoms", it did decrease the number of days with "severe" symptoms. The scientists summarize their results as follows: Intake of a dietary supplement from fruits and vegetables was associated with a 20 % reduction of moderate or severe common cold symptom days in healthcare professionals particularly exposed to patient contact. Whether you think this is worth the extra bucks for supplements you would not
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