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Up To 180% Increase in Testosterone w/ Taurine? Androgen Boost Just One of the "Side Effects" of Cysteine Derivative That Won't Benefit (Pre-)Diabetic Baby-Boomers, Only

Image 1: No, taurine is not made from the sperm of Belgian Blues and no it won't make you look like one overnight, either ;-) After yesterday's allegedly pretty complicated post on the fallacious ups and downs in body weight from repetitive dieting and episodes of overeating, I decided it was about time to readdress one of your all-time favorites: supplemental testosterone boosting . Instead of the next best herb from the Brazilian jungle that has a " history as a potent aphrodisiac in traditional medice " or the shrub that can be found " only in a specific region of the remote [... insert whatever your marketing guy believes would increase sales here]", I decided to take another look at one of the established readily available and dirt cheap ways to give your natural androgen production, fertility, fatty acid and glucose metabolism a leg - taurine , or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid (which is, by the way, not produced from bull semen, although its name, w

What's Worse: YoYo-Dieting or Constant Gluttony? What Happens During Weight Cycling? And Why Does Every Diet Make You Fatter? Lots of Questions, a Couple of Answers

Image 1: To eat or to diet, what's worse? Despite the fact that the magazines are still full of "X pounds in Y weeks" diets , more and more people begin to realize that "diet hopping" and even "dieting" in the conventional sense, i.e. following a special, usually very strict and non-sustainable nutritional regimen for a very short amount of time, are futile. But can calling a halt before you blow up like a balloon from time to time actually be worse than letting yourself go all-day, everyday? According to the results of an experiment that has been conducted at the Institute of Biology of the State University of Rio de Janeiro , the results of which have just been published in the open access journal PLoSOne , the answer to this question must be: YES, it can! And that may be true, even when you are not starving yourself! Even "healthy" weight cycling turns out to be profoundly unhealthy! Now, the unfortunate news first: We are, as

On Short Notice: Retinoic Acid vs. Lung Cancer / Metabolic Effect of Fats in Cerebral Fluid / Nucleotid Supplements Instead of Icepacks // Ibuprofen & Leaky Gut / Fish Oil Enema & Colitis / Fructose, Glut-5 & Obesity + More!

Image 1 (Coloribus): Unquestionably a great add, but the (Ex-)Marlboro man would be better off with a piece of liver than a carrot ;-) Just as I promised I am pumping out another set of "short notice" items. To make sure not to be confused with what I have once heard someone call a "pubmed warrior", I did however spike today's episode with three longer items and saved a couple of mini-items for the next week. I hope you enjoy the ride and don't forget to copy " Fatfree " who asked for more in-depth info on TUDCA after reading last Saturday's installment of this series (see " Testosterone - 12% Drop With 75g Glucose? Low T3 Syndrome - Can TUDCA Help? "). If there is more information that would make a longer post worthwhile and I find the topic interesting enough to spent the time on doing the research, I am always willing to comply with wishes like this :-) Retinoic acid (not beta carotene!) can protect smokers from lung

On Short Notice: Insanity vs. TurboFire - What's the Best HIIT Regimen? Plus: USA vs. China, Chews vs. Raisins, Epi-Sesamine vs. Body Fat, Exercise vs. Neurotoxins & More

Figure 1: The latest medal prognosis for Olympia 2012 by researchers at the Department of Economics at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany (Otten. 2012) - I must admit I am curious how accurate this prognosis will be... what's your take? The US or China? Who's going to take the lead? The Queen has officially opened the Olympic Games 2012 and the games have their first doping case - those of you who followed yesterday's advice to subscribe to the SuppVersity Facebook page are already in the know... anyways, this is not the place for one of my hypocrisy rants, but for the weekly installment of " On Short Notice ". Still, in the "honor" of the Olympics *rofl* and the spirit of the SuppVersity - which is, as you all know, the place you will get the news first ! - I have compiled the TOP15 from the latest medal prognosis by Sebastian Otten, the chair of the Department of Economics at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany, for you as an appeti
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