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35g Pre-Bed Casein Protein, 1st Fair, Isocaloric High Protein (1.8g/kg) Comparison: No Extra Muscle Gain in Young Men

Using casein protein pre-bed can be useful but probably only for those of you who use it to up their total protein intake. "Once Upon a Time..." It may sound like it, but it is a fact when I tell you that there was a time when bodybuilders got up at night to consume a protein shake. That's not just the exact opposite of today's lean gains physique athletes, it is also PM protein ingestion taken to the extreme. An extreme of which a bunch of studies investigating the effects of the ingestion of slow-digesting casein protein before bed suggests that - even if  it works - it may be an unnecessary sleep-impairing hassle. High-protein diets are much safer than some 'experts' say, but there are things to consider... Practical Protein Oxidation 101 5x More Than the FDA Allows! More Protein ≠ More Satiety Satiety: Casein > Whey? Wrong! Protein Timing DOES Matter! High Protein not a Health Threat For those who don't want to go to such

β2-Agonists Build Muscle: Low Dose Terbutaline Adds 1kg (DXA) in 4 Weeks - With and Without Resistance Training

Who would have thought that? Asthma-sprays probably beat the crap out of good old clenbuterol tabs when it comes to building muscle - even if you don't train! Have you ever wondered why so many poor athletes suffer from asthma? Well, if you read my old article about the effects of clenbuterol on myostatin  it may long have dawned on you that this could be due to the muscle-building effects of β2-agonists - doping on prescription, so to say. A couple of days ago, a group of Danish researchers confirmed your suspicions. They'd investigated if inhaled beta2‐agonist, terbutaline, alters body composition and metabolic rate with and without concurrent exercise training in healthy young men. Learn more about Clen - / Albuterol  and safer ways to get jacked at the SuppVersity Albuterol Can Improve Glucose Metabolism The Myostatin <> Clenbuterol Connection Higenamine Useful "OTC Clenbuterol"? Out of question: β2-Agonists = Doping Agents Battle the

Hair Loss: Nutrient Deficiencies, Supps, Herbal Shampoo Ingredients, and Egg Yolk Hair Masks for Alopecia | Plus: Carcinogens & Endocrine Disruptors in Your Shampoos

While women will (comparatively) rarely go completely bald, they have the same problems with thinning hair as men do... and diet (from nutrient deficiency to excess - esp. vitamin A + D) are primary drivers of hair loss in both, men and women; and that despite the fact that deficiencies of both retinol and 25OHD contribute to hair loss, too ( Rushton 2002 ; Guo 2017 ). I've written extensively about "conventional alternative" treatments (alternative = avoiding 5-AR inhibitors that block the conversion to DHT and not paying for a transplant) roughly a year ago in "Hair Loss: Finasteride, Laser Light or Minoxidil - What Will Really Help Men & Women Regrow Lost Scalp Hair?" ( re-read it ). In view of the fact that this is still one of the more popular articles and considering the interest many of you showed in a recent Facebook post of mine that included the list of nutrient deficiencies, ailments, and behaviors that may cause hair loss ( Table 1 ) on F

Want to HIIT it, but Hate Sprinting? 4-Minute-HIIT-Workout using Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Squats + Thrusts w/ 3-kg Dumbbells, and Jumping Jacks Works Almost as Well

Guys, you can benefit from bodyweight exercises, too - not just when traveling! Running ain't for everyone. I know that, ... So, if you've sustained an injury that keeps you from all-out sprints, or you simply hate sprinting, altogether, it would appear as if high-intensity interval training ( HIIT ), the time saving and in several aspects, such as the effects on post-workout oxygen consumption, superior version of "cardio" was not for you. Wrong. I belong to the group of people who are not really into sprinting, so, as mentioned before , I like using a rowing ergometer for my HIIT sessions and if that doesn't sound appealing to you, either, what about some whole body + body weight exercises? You can learn more about HIIT at the SuppVersity Never Train To Burn Calories! Tabata = 14.2kcal /min ≠ Fat Loss 30s Intervals + 2:1 Work/Rec. Making HIIT a Hit Part I/II Making HIIT a Hit Part II/II Triple Your Energy Exp. The beauty of the wor
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