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Ketone Esters a Smart Supplement? | Pure Nitrate vs. Beets | Caffeine Muscle Recruitment, Power and Performance

Time for a new installment of the supplement short news . I think it's about time for another installment of the short news, i.e. an article that consists of several brief write-ups on very recent papers. Today's topics are: (1) the question whether it is a smart move to consume ketone esters on top of Gatorade or similar products before your workout; (2) the difference in physiological effects of potassium nitrate and beetroot juice; and (3) how caffeine improves muscle recruitment and hence endurance performance. You can learn more about beetroot juice at the SuppVersity Mouthwash Ruins Benefits of Nitrates Nitrate Drugs Work, But Are Not Safe Win the Super Bowl w/ Beet- root Juice! 140ml of Beetroot Juice That All it Takes! Nitrate + Caf = Ergogenic Sledgehammer Beet Every Personal Best W/ Beets! Ketone esters may be smart to consume on top of carbohydrate supplement before and during high-intensity exercise ( Evans 2018 ) -- This is at least w

#RedMeat for Your #Heart: 500g/Week = Nothing but Healthy for Myocardium and Arteries if it's Lean + Unprocessed

This is the degree of processing that's tolerable ;-) Fat, ground, burnt, and adulterated with steroids, antibiotics, nitrates, sulfites, and chemical preservatives - that's how the average Westerner "likes" his meat ('cause it's cheap, you know). No wonder that the majority of epidemiological studies (you know that's the branch of science, where people invent explanations for observations) "shows": red meat kills! As a SuppVersity  reader, you know from previous articles that experimental evidence suggests otherwise... at least for lean, properly prepared meats from appropriately reared animals (those are the animals that don't make taking extra steroids and antibiotics obsolete). Learn more about meat at the SuppVersity You May Eat Pork, too! Body Fat > Meat for CVD Meat & Prostate Cancer? Meat - Is cooking the problem Meat Packaging = Problem? Grass-Fed Pork? Is it Worth it? With the publication of 

Maximizing Training-Induced Cellular Adaptation: Training Low, Carb Cycling, Altitude & Hypoxia Training for Athletes

The mitochondria are the cell-constituents where the most relevant aspects of (endurance-)exercise-induced adaptations take place, and hence the main, but not the only target of the strategies highlighted in these assorted "cliff notes". Usually, I am not a fan of writing about review papers (without attached meta-analysis) but in view of popular demand, I am going to give it a try and provide you with the "cliff notes" on the latest review of the theoretical background and practical implications of training with a goal the authors of the paper call "Maximizing Cellular Adaptation to Endurance Exercise in Skeletal Muscle ( Hawley 2018 ). Cliff notes, if you will on surpassing "barriers to [human] performance" - including the 2h mark for a marathon. High-protein diets are for endurance athletes too... if they're higher in carbs than in protein ;-) Practical Protein Oxidation 101 5x More Than the FDA Allows! More Protein ≠ More Sa

Ever Wondered Why the Fat Keeps Falling Off When You Embark on Intermittent Fasting Regimens? Calories, Bro!

Whether it's a mere reduction in energy intake or carbohydrate fasting, both lead to significant reductions in energy intake beyond the weekly dieting goal set by the scientists. What's going on in these two studies in overweight women? I know that 99% of the SuppVersity readers will be smart enough not to believe that calories don't count. Accordingly, it may be news, but probably not very surprising for most of you to hear that a recent (re-)analysis of food logs from two intermittent fasting studies underlines how effective intermittent fasting really is when it comes to reducing people's energy intake. In previous studies researchers have already been able to show that the vast majority of dieters do not overeat and consume more than the ~1500kcal/d you may be missing on a fasting day. Learn more about fasting at the SuppVersity Monthly 5-Day Fast Works "Lean Gains" Fast Works Habits Determine Effects of Fasting Protein Modified Fast
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