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Supramaximal Eccentrics (+38%) on Leg Presses & Calf Raises Pay Off in Form of Extra Strength and Significantly Higher Lean Mass Gains of the Trained Muscles

It goes without saying that you need someone to help you to do eccentric leg presses... well, unless you use one leg to help with the concentric part of the exercise, obviously. Training techniques have long been heralded as the single best way to increase your gains. These days, however, the discussion on bodybuilding and fitness boards has evolved away from talking about drop sets, singles, staggering and forced reps and towards BCAAs, whey, herbs and antioxidants - in short: People believe they could buy results, they would otherwise have to work for. Apropos work, the amount of work the subjects in a recent study from the JES Tech, Ilc., Wyle Science and the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston had to perform was not even overtly demanding. Learn more about the best muscle builders at the SuppVersity Optimizing Rest for Size and Strength Gains Alternating Squat & BP - Productive? Farmer's Walk or Squat? Is Strong- men T. For You? Full ROM ➯ Full Gains

How Much Carbohydrates Can You Eat Before a High Fat Diet Becomes Unhealthy? Increasing Carbohydrate Intake Turns Physiological Into Pathological Insulin Resistance

High carb + high fat, that's one "high" too much for your health. As a SuppVersity reader you should be aware that the average "high fat diet" that's fed in rodent (and human) studies to prove how bad dietary fat is for us contains almost as much carbohydrate as it contains fat sources. Against that background a study like the one a group of scientists from the Gillings School of Global Public Health at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have conducted recently has actually been long overdue: A study to clarify how much carbs are too much carbs when they're consumed on top of a high fat diet. The conflicting results of previous studies, some of which "have shown that carb-rich diets promote development of insulin resistance and T2DM, while others have shown that high-carb diet is protective against insulin resistance and T2DM compared to HFD" and the fact that there's plent of evidence that shows that "low-carb

Is Resistance Training in the PM More Anabolic Than in the AM? Time of the Workout Doesn't Influence Acute Hormonal Response or Circadian Pattern of Testosterone Production

The sun is setting and you're still working out. Could this disrupt your circadian testosterone rhythm? Or is it maybe even beneficial? I mean, you could compensate the natural nadir in testosterone in the PM, right? Testosterone, much like any other hormone, is subject to a circadian rhythm. This means that there are spikes and troughs at certain time points in the day. Now, we all know that a bout of resistance training will also have an effect on testosterone, i.e. it will lead to a measurable increase in the post-workout period, and could thus (a) amplify natural spikes and / or (b) fill natural troughs. Against that background, it appears to be a warranted question, whether one would want to do (a) or (b), i.e. amplify a natural spike as it occur in the morning and head to the gym at 8:00AM, or whether it would make more sense to wait a until the late afternoon / evening to hit the gym at 8:00PM, when the testosterone levels are at a nadir? You can learn more about sl

Accelerated Satellite (= Muscle Precursor) Cell Proliferation is Yet Another Way for Whey to Promote Muscle Gains

When the satellite cells merge with the existing muscle cells to form new myonuclei this is more than muscle repair, it's also the foundation for future muscle growth - beyond previous limits | more If you've read the Intermittent Thoughts On Building Muscle ( read it ) you are beyond the simplistic view of muscle growth as a one-way process in the course of which muscle cells balloon up endlessly. Without the incorporation of "new" myonuclei (cell kernels) from the periphery your muscle would become dysfunctional sooner or later ( learn more ); and while myostatin will prevent that from happening the recruitment of new muscle cells from the satellite cell pool will provide the basis for future muscle growth. I don't want to go into more detail, here. If you want to develop a better understanding of this process(es), I suggest you head back to the initially mentioned series about the physiological underpinnings of skeletal muscle hypertrophy. You can le

True or False: Older Men Have a Much Harder Time Building Strength, Building Muscle Borders the Impossible!

Are you training for nothing, if you are "too old" (whatever that may be)? Find out in today's SuppVersity Article! "The older we get, the weaker we are." That's something most normal men accept as a given truth - according to the latest science, it does yet appear as if it was more of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Researchers from the Department of Biology of Physical Activity and Neuromuscular research Center at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland have recently conducted a study to verify the common sense assumption that older men are having a much harder time to to maintain / increase their muscle strength than young ones. To find out, whether this would also be true for those, who are willing to succumb to a high volume, medium load “hypertrophic” resistance training, the Häkkinen et al. recruited young (28 ± 5 yr, 179 ± 6 cm, 77 ± 12 kg, 21 ± 8 percent fat) and older (65 ± 4 yr, 177 ± 6 cm, 80 ± 10 kg, 23 ± 6 percent fat) men via an advertise

Choline Supplementation Accelerates Fat Loss During Crash Diet in Female Athletes: 2g Choline Double the Rate of Fat Loss in the Last Week Before the Competition

Can you hit the fat hard with choline? I want to be honest with you. I am a huge fan of choline and truly believe that it is hugely under-appreciated, but the prominent relative (not absolute) increase in body fat loss in study at hand must be interpreted with caution - no matter how statistically significant the "choline advantage" may be. Before we can get to said "cautious interpretation", let's briefly take a look at what exactly Gehan Elsawy, Osama Abdelrahman, and Amr Hamza from the Zagazig University and the Mansoura University in Egypt did to produce a 100% increase in body fat loss in their 22 female study participants (15 taekwondo and 7 judo athletes). You can learn more about choline at the SuppVersity Huge GH Spikes from GPC!? Choline & Classic Bodybuilding Effects of Choline Deficiency Caffeine, Choline, L-Car = Fat Loss Choline for Carnitine Storage Choline as a Nootropic? The idea was to clarify the magnitude of
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