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Quick Take: Only 25% Putatively Anabolic Laxogenin Supps Contain Measurable Amounts of the Alleged Muscle Builder

You may find this supplement albeit with a less honest label at your favorite 'hardcore'-supplement store. You will have seen them pop up (and already begin to disappear again) in almost every supplement store that considers itself 'hardcore' but 'natural': laxogenin supplements. By their producers and the shops that sell them corresponding products are marketed as an agent that "can help you add muscle and shed fat", that is "not classified as a prohormone", that "doesn’t need to be cycled" and that "delivers results" and targeted at natural bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Read more about studies involving TRT/HRT & co on What to expect from normalizing Testosterone Testosterone Gel Augments 'ur Gainz PWO T-Increases Don't Determine Your Gainz The Hormonal + Other Underpin-nings of Gainz Impressive 12% T-Boost (+20% IGF1) W/ Tribulus T +/- Exercise to Rejuvenate

Freezing, Defrosting, Toasting, and Your Glucose Response to White Bread | Additives Ruin Part of the 30-37% Benefit

Who would have thought that: More convenient, in the eyes of most people better tasting and still better for your blood glucose management: Take white bread from the freezer, defrost at room temperature overnight, and toast it for a 30% reduction in postprandial glycemia even if you're perfectly healthy! In the SuppVersity Kitchen Science article-series, I address questions that may have passed your mind when you've been cooking, doing the groceries, or looking at the photos of your favorite Insta-Foodies. Today's article addresses the reality of "Making white bread great(er) again!"  Or, shall I write "making the glucose excursions from eating white bread smaller again" - having more than 30% less glucose trickling into the blood of absolutely healthy subjects who were recruited for a study at the Oxford Brookes University ( Burton 2007 ).(three male and seven female) sounds "great", no? Review older articles about bread & co. and

Does Eating Beans W/B4 Meals Have the Same Blood Sugar Lowering, and Fat Loss Promoting as 'Carb-Blockers'?

Reader's question from the SuppVersity's Instagram page: "I wonder if just having a small serving of beans before a meal would have good effects also. Red velvet, black, etc." - Johan Those of you who already follow the SuppVersity on Facebook will have seen the news item ( in the infographic section ) about the latest bean-carb-blocker study. Some may even have seen that there were a lot of comments, comments in which you repeatedly found the question whether, instead of the stupid bean extract, one wouldn't be able to simply eat a bunch of beans before or with the meal and see the same potentially weight-reducing effects that were reported in the study. Well, it turns out it is not that easy to find an answer to this question - especially not one that is workable, i.e. "eat exactly X grams of THIS type of beans at timepoint T to improve your glucose metabolism by Z and lose BETA kg of weight in GAMMA weeks." What I could come up with, however,
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