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PUFA Increases Postprandial Thermogenesis in Healthy Premenopausal Women & Beyond - 14% Increase Over MUFA & SFA Sounds Huge, But Does it Matter?

Is there something to the good vs. bad fat shenanigan, after all? Only recently scientists from the Texas Tech University report that a PUFA-rich high-fat meal led to a greater diet-induced thermogenesis in normal-weight premenopausal women compared with SFA- or MUFA-rich high-fat meals. Reason enough to take a closer look at this and previous studies investigating the diet-induced thermogenic effects of PUFA-, MUFA- and SFA-rich meals and to conduct a reality check wrt to the question whether these differences actually matter - I mean, will you get and stay lean by upping your PUFA intake? Let's take a look! You can learn more about fat at the SuppVersity Are Men Fat- & Women Sugar-Cravers? Fat, not Fructose Cons. Increased in the US Adding Fats to Carbs Does not Reduce Insulin The Forgotten Pro-Insulinogenic Effects of SFAs Margarine Not Butter Incr. EU Waists Low Fat to Blame for Low Vitamin D Epidemic? In the initially mentioned study, Hui C

Curcumin, Genistein, Pomegranate & Co. - A Dirty Dozen of Supplements & Foods to Keep Your Prostate Cancer Free

Which of the dirty dozen of supplements and foodstuffs in today's SuppVersity review can really help you to make sure, you're not the one out of those nine men who develops prostate cancer? Supplements that are supposed to protect you from developing prostate cancer and/or agents that may help patients with existing prostate issues are - obviously - in high demand. And as W. Merkle points out in a recent article in the German science journal Urologe using them - even if they may not be as effective as some patients may believe - makes sense: from a psychological perspective, alone (Merkle. 2014). Taking a pill with selenium, for example, has been shown to alleviate some of the side effects of chemotherapy. General protective effects against prostate cancer, on the other hand, have not been established. In fact, the most recent studies rather suggest that "supplementation did not benefit men with low selenium status but increased the risk of high-grade PCa among men

Fructose as a Dieting Tool: 100g Fructose Per Day Exert Sign. Protein Sparing Effects & Ameliorate the Decline in Thyroid Hormones During Starvation Diet in the Obese

Fructose as an injectable Dieting Aid? Sounds crazy, but it works! Would you ever have remotely considered that a high-fructose corn-syrup based sugar-sweetened beverage could help seven health obese women who are 35%-90% over their ideal weight lose weight? No, ...? Well, honestly, me neither and if we take a closer look at the experimental design of a 1986 study by Robert A. Gelfand and Robert S. Sherwin from the prestigious Yale University , we will have to relativize the aforementioned claim. Coke alone may not do the trick. Pure fructose, if it's infused right into the bloodstream, on the other hand will "abolishes the entire hormone-substrate response to fasting, and spares body protein without raising insulin above postabsorptive levels." (Gelfand. 1986) Learn more about fructose at the SuppVersity Bad Fructose not so Bad, After All! Learn its Benefits. Fructose From Fruit is NOT the Problem Americans Don't Eat More Fructose T

Skipping Breakfast Decreases Energy Intake, Water Before Meal Trick Works, Food Addiction Self-Diagnosis, Eating Speed & Obesity, Chilled Water as a Nootropic & More

Food addiction is a self-diagnosed disease that befalls preferentially those people who spend hours and days on the Internet seeking for an excuse for their inability to lose weight. It has been a while since I have published the last installment of the short news . Today, however, the publication of the latest edition of the scientific journal Appetite appears to be a good opportunity to finally put out another of the short news potpourris. I mean, one of the study shows that it may be essential for your well-being to listen to what scientists say and eat healthy, not unhealthy, which is associated with below average well-being in undergraduate students at the Cardiff University (Richards. 2014). But the study by Richards et al. is by no means the only one with highly health-relevant and surprisingly interesting information you will find in today's short news potpourri. Learn more about the effects of your diet on your body composition at the SuppVersity On

The Dendrobium Craze, Or What Happens if You Ignore the Obvious Difference Between "A" and "B" - Latest Study: At Best Trace Amounts of "Meth Analog" in DS Craze

DS Craze was not the only dendobrium containing supplement that disappeared from the market, when "the craze" about meth in dietary supplements broke lose. You will certainly remember the craze about Craze and other dendrobium based pre-workout supplements. In an article published in Drug Testing and Analysis on October 14, 2013, scientists from Harvard Medical School and NSF International , a respected third-party testing organization, reported the presence of the "methamphetamine analog" N,α-diethyl-phenylethylamine (N,α-DEPEA) in three samples of Driven Sports' flagship pre-workout product "Craze" they purchased from various retailers. Using what they considered established reference standards and sensitive analytical methods, Cohen et al. found what they thought was N,α-DEPEA at concentrations ranging from 21 to 35 mg per serving in the supplements (Cohen. 2013) Citrulline is another pre-workout ingredient - a 100% safe one ;-) Ci
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