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HMB 'Likely' Protects 'Muscle Quality' & 'Possibly' to 'Likely' Cuts Inflammation During 23-Day Intense Military Training

Unfortunately, the study at hand provides insufficient evidence to decide whether you should buy (free acid) HMB if you are about to participate in a military bootcamp. The idea that HMB is the rather anticatabolic version of leucine, I've mentioned in previous articles , obviously occurred to an international group of scientists from the University of Central Florida , the  Israel Defense Forces  as well as associated universities, too (Hoffman. 2016). In their recent study, the scientists examined whether HMB supplementation can attenuate muscle loss and the inflammatory response during highly intense, sustained military training. A study, of which Hoffman et al. point out, that it is "to the best of [their] knowledge" the first study to "have examined HMB supplementation in soldiers during intense military operations" (Hoffman. 2016). Learn more about the potential beneficial effects of HMB at the SuppVersity : HMB For Fat Loss? Hica & H

Mo, We, Fr - Sequence of Hypertrophy, Power & Strength Will Up Your Gains on the Big Three (Squat, Bench, Deadlift)

Squat, bench press, deadlift - All major three benefit from the right order in your daily undulating periodization program (DUP) - This is how it works... As a SuppVersity  reader you are familiar with the term "undulating periodization". In contrast to regular periodization schemes, undulating schemes will have you train in different rep ranges on a weekly or - as in the latest study by Zourdos et al. (2016), even daily (as in every workout) basis. As Zourdos, et al. point out, the available research shows mixed results with the respect to the efficacy of regular linear vs. undulating periodization schemes. While some studies report no differences among training models (Baker. 1994; Buford. 2007; Kok. 2009), others suggest that the more frequent changes of the rep ranges in an undulating periodization scheme are more advantageous for strength development (Miranda. 2011; Monteiro. 2009; Peterson. 2008; Prestes. 2009; Rhea. 2002). The method used int he study is an al

Theanine + Caffeine - A Natural and Powerful Combination to Increase Your Attention and Reaction Speed (+6-10%)

Tea will naturally contain both theanine and caffeine, but will it work, as well as supplemental theanine and caffeine? While everybody knows caffeine (see last SV article comparing caffeine to coffee ), theanine aka L-γ-glutamylethylamide or N5-ethyl-L-glutamine, an amino acid analogue of the proteinogenic amino acids L-glutamate and L-glutamine, is less well known, but as a recent study shows not less potent when it comes to its effects on cognition and neurophysiological measures of selective attention aka "focus" on a task / object (Kahathuduwa. 2016). You want to know why the researchers from the Universities of Peradeniya, Kelaniya  and the Texas Tech University  know that? Let's take a look at what the researchers did and why they conclude that the effects of caffeine & theanine add up. You can learn more about caffeine at the SuppVersity For Caffeine, Timing Matters! 45 Min or More? Coffee - The Good, Bad & Interesting Three Cups of C

Coffee Beats Caffeine in the Gym: More Reps + Higher Total Volume on Squats Due to Ingredients Other Than Caffeine

You don't necessarily have to bring fresh beans to the gym. A simple Nescafé instant coffee will serve the purpose, study shows. And it's going to work better than equal doses of straight caffeine. As a SuppVersity  reader you will know that coffee is much more than a brown liquid that contains caffeine. Many of its proven health effects I have discussed here and in shorter news items on Facebook  are after all related to the combination of anti-oxidant and stimulant agents in coffee - a brew that is so much more than just the sum of it parts. Against that background it is only logical that Darren L. Richardson and Neil D. Clarke from the Department of Applied Sciences and  at the  Faculty of Health and Life Sciences of the  Coventry University in the UK wanted to expand on the previously reported results by Trexler et al. (2015 | previously mentioned at the SuppVersity ). You can learn more about coffee at the SuppVersity For Caffeine, Timing Matters! 45 Min o

How Chewing (Gum/Food) Affects Your Energy Expenditure: Gum + Slow Eating Triple 3h Diet Induced Thermogenesis

If chewing gums can help triple the diet-induced thermogenesis. Does this mean that your doctor will soon prescribe chewing gums instead of diet and exercise or even weight loss surgery? Slow eating, which involves chewing food slowly and thoroughly, is - according to most research, at least - an effective strategy for controlling hunger level and energy intake in overweight or obesity (Andrade. 2008; Smit. 2011). And the fact that slow eating / chewing more frequently aids weight management even in the people who don't tend to overeat, may - as a recent study from the  Tokyo Institute of Technology  shows - be a consequence of more than just a reduction in energy intake. As Hamada et al. show in two recent studies in Obesity , eating slowly will also ramp up the postprandial energy expenditure and fat oxidation aka the "diet-induced thermogenesis" (DIT) of healthy, normal-weight men and women without one of the pertinent eating disorders. You can find more True
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