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Vitamin D -- Replacing D3 W/ Calcifediol in Fortified Foods May Cut D-ficiency Epidemic | Plus: High/Low Vit-D Jobs

Many of these foods contain significant amounts of calcifediol (25OHD). It's thus not as if we would be exposing us to an unknown research chemical, bros. With vitamin D it is as with all the hype-research subjects: Now that everybody and his mama have published a paper discussing how awesome and important vitamin D is (mostly in the absence of experimental evidence from controlled human trials that would clearly support this "awesomeness", by the way), the number of studies on vitamin D starts to decline, while their quality (at least in parts) increases. In this Vitamin D Research Update , I will address two of these post-hype studies. Both with practical relevance in terms of the prevention and resolution of vitamin D deficiencies: Learn more about vitamin D at the SuppVersity How Much Vitamin D Shall You Take? Leucine, Insulin, Vitamin D and Your Gainz Vitamin D Speeds Up Exercise Recovery One Svg of Fish or Eggs Satisfy Your Needs? Vitamin D

α-GPC and Low Thyroid? Fat Loss+Muscle Gains, Possible? More Protein in Shift-Work Diet, 7kg Lower Fat Mass & TC?

In today's installment: Alpha-GCP and reduces thyroid function; accurate body fat measurement in contest prep confirms recomp effect; more protein keeps shift workers lean and healthy. Since I didn't want to bore those of you who are (for whatever reason) not interested in significantly annotated summaries of the studies presented at the last ISSN conference, I've deliberately taken a break before publishing the next installment of the #ISSN17 series ; with this one answering important questions such as: Can alpha-GPC supplements give me hypothyroidism? Can lean individuals still do a "recomp", i.e. lose significant amounts of fat while gaining muscle in short periods of time - What does a gold-standard measurement w/ the 4-C method say? And, last but not least, is a higher protein intake the landmark feature of those night shift workers who don't get obese and sick and how does it work? Interested? Alright, here we go... Fasting  and alpha-GPC have sth

Cyclic Dieting (2:2 ON/OFF) Drops 12.3 vs. 8kg of Body Fat in 16 Weeks, Maintains REE During + Fat Loss Post Dieting

It would be nice to see if this form of "long-term"-refeeds or diet-breaks works for leaner men as well.  You will remember that I've previously discussed the advantages of cycling your energy intake in both, classic intermittent fasting or alternative-day fasting contexts, as well as refeeds . Just like the protocol that was used in a recent study from the University of Tasmania  (Byrne 2017), all these diets belong to a category of diets that is characterized by what scientists call "intermittent energy restrictions". The latest RCT by Byrne et al. (2017), which has just been published ahead of print , took a slightly novel approach to energy cycling, though. Compared to IF and ADF, regimen, the energy intake in form of very long intervals (weeks vs. days or hours): more specifically, 8x2 weeks of dieting interspersed by 2 weeks on a maintenance diet. Despite these differences, the reasoning behind the study design was pretty much the same bodybuilde

Women in Their 30s who 'Hit the Weights' While Dieting Get Toned = 2lbs of Fat Loss for Each 1lbs of Muscle They Gain

Shape's "fat loss" variety of the FITT workout still focuses on cardio. This article is about a paper by Miller et al. (2017) that is going to be published in one of the next issues of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism . The study itself is thus clearly 'news'. What's not news, however, is the message that women benefit (just as much if not more) from lifting weights while dieting as men. Unfortunately, the message is rarely heard and often ignored. Obviously, the lure of the calorie counters on the treadmills and crosstrainers of this world is too strong for the average diet-willing female human being to resist trampling along on the crosstrainer to burn 500kcal and thus afford/make good for "that pizza" (" Never Train to Burn Calories "). When it comes to toning, men and women are not different, but in other areas they are! 1g PRO per 2g CHO + Circuit T. for Women? Is the Optimal Exercis
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