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100% Increase in Exercise-Induced Collagen Synthesis With Cheap, Yet Effective 15g Gelatin + 200mg Vitamin C Stack

If you premix it with vitamin C, I would guess that this dosage form of gelatin will work just as well as the mix the scientists used in the study at hand. And if it contains 15g + of gelatin, consuming this stuff before a workout could indeed make a significant difference for your tendon health and stability/resilience. The deterioration of collagen is at the bottom of many musculoskeletal injuries. More than 50% of all injuries in sports can be classified as sprains, strains, ruptures, or breaks of musculoskeletal tissues. As the authors of a new paper in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  point out, there's hope that "[n]utritional and/or exercise interventions that increase collagen synthesis and strengthen these tissues could have an important effect on injury rates" (Shaw. 2016). Gelatin has long been touted as the "protein of choice" to provide your body with the raw material for collagen resynthesis. Moreover, findings from engineered tiss

3/3 TOP-Selling US Fish Oils Exceed Maximal Peroxide and Total Oxidation Levels - Levels Roughly 4000% Higher Than in Medical Grade N3 Supplements, Harvard Study Shows

The US' favorite fish oil supplements: Dirt cheap and still not worth the money. Better buy fish - fresh fish. "I told you so!" That's how someone else in my position would probably start today's blogpost. In view of the fact that "smartassing" is not exactly an effective means of education, I will yet refuse from reminding you that I've been reporting about unwanted side effects of the gold-ish pills that claim to have "fish oil" in them on various occasions. And guess what!? The publication of a recent study by scientists from the  Cardiovascular Division, Brigham and Women's Hospital at the venerable Harvard Medical School , gives me yet another reason to rant against the evermore popular fish oil supplements. You can learn more about omega-3 & co at the SuppVersity Fish Oil Makes You Rancid? POPs in Fish Oils are Toxic! N3/N6 Ratio Doesn't Matter MUFA & Fish Oil Don't Match Fish Oil Doesn

Upper Body Workout Doesn't Impair 48h Leg-Day Recovery, Lactobacillus for Immunity & Alcohol Impairs Your Gains

PWO alcohol is not for male athletes. But before you rejoice, ladies. The ill health effects of a given amount of alcohol are more severe for the fairer sex. It's Christmas! And you can almost smell the new year with its smell of alcohol approach... and that's bad news for your gains, as a recent study in the latest issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research  shows. With a study on the possible interference of upper body training on your leg-day recovery (Aba├»dia. 2017), and the purported benefits of lactic acid bacteria for athletes' immunity (Michalickova. 2017), Duplanty's study, which shows that alcohol will impair the adaptation to resistance training in previously resistance trained men , but not female trainees w/ RT experience (Duplanty. 2017), constitutes what's probably going to be the last SuppVersity  Science Update for 2016. Read about rather exercise-related studies at the SuppVersity TeaCrine®, Tribu-lus, Cordyceps, ALA, Se

Synergistic or Non-Synergistic Split Training - Is Intl. Chest + Biceps Monday Dead? Quite the Opposite, Study Says

Yes, we are talking about a study in trained individuals, bros :-) This is not the first SuppVersity  article to address the usefulness and efficacy of different split routines ( learn more ). What makes the study at hand special, though, is that it addressed the issue in previously resistance trained subjects with at least 2 years of regular training under their weight lifting belts. The study that has been published ahead of print in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (Castanheira. 2015) does, therefore, join the ranks of the few scientific studies that have not been conducted in rookies, for whom literally "everything works". No matter which split you like, it always makes sense to use periodization schemes. 30% More on the Big Three: Squat, DL, BP! Mix Things Up to Make Extra-Gains Linear vs. Undulating Periodization 12% Body Fat in 12 Weeks W/ Periodization Detraining + Periodization - How to? Tapering 101 - Learn How It's D

Not Making Progress? New RCT: 'Personal Training' Sheds Twice as Much Body Fat and Quadruples Muscle Gains...

Certainly not a photo from the study. I have to admit that I have never even remotely thought about hiring a personal trainer or coach. A mistake? Well, unlike the lives of the obese subjects in a recent study from the Western State Colorado University  (Dalleck. 2016), my life does not depend on it and still, with my tendency to always do too much instead of too little, I am almost certain that I would have made similarly larger strides towards my personal training goals as the sedentary male and female subjects in the previously alluded to recently published study. One important feature of both training protocols is that they implement periodization schemes. 30% More on the Big Three: Squat, DL, BP! Mix Things Up to Make Extra-Gains Linear vs. Undulating Periodization 12% Body Fat in 12 Weeks W/ Periodization Detraining + Periodization - How to? Tapering 101 - Learn How It's Done! The 46 subjects were randomly assigned to one out of three experimental
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