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Sodium-/Potassium-Bicarbonate (+Mg, +Ca) Supplement ➡ Improved 6x30m Sprint Time, Lactate, Magnesium & More | Plus: Enterically Coated NaHCO3 Tablets - Where are They?

The stack (ingredients on the right) was ingested twice daily. It has been a while since the last study on sodium bicarbonate's usefulness has found its way to the SuppVersity. And, technically speaking, the latest RCT by scientists from the  Department of Sports Training at the Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland, and colleagues from the Miller School of Medicine , at the University of Miami is a "bicar-bonate", but not a "sodium bicarbonate" study. How's that? Well, the scientists did exactly what some of you have already suggested: They combined sodium-  and potassium-bicarbonate (the authors write di-carbonate, which is obviously the same) at a dosage of 3g, each, to achieve a balance between the two macro-minerals and topped the bicarbonates up with 1000 mg (600 mg + 400 mg) calcium phosphate and calcium citrate , 1000 mg potassium citrate , and 1000 mg magnesium citrate. Mineral water will contain some K and M

5% Faster W/ 135ml of Red Blood Cells - Transfusion Works Within 2h! Plus: ~1.5g/kg = Optimal PWO Protein Intake for Protein Synthesis in Females - SV November Short News

Welcome to today's installment of " on short notice " You may remember from the SuppVersity news on Facebook that the use of cobalt supplements can indeed (as it has long been touted and doubted) have similar effects as EPO ( Hoffmeister 2018 ). Yet while the study by Hoffmeister et al. showed that the VO2max correlated significantly with the 2% increase in Hemoglobin in response to the ingestion of  5 mg of ionized Co2+ for 3 weeks, an acute performance-enhancing effect was neither tested nor observed in the German study. That's in contrast to autologous (=your own) blood infusions. A simple injection of only ~135 ml of red blood cells that were previously isolated from 450 ml of your own blood 2h before training or competition will improve your endurance performance by 5%, ... according to the latest study from the  University of Copenhagen  ( Bejder 2018 ). High-protein diets are much safer than some 'experts' say, but there are things to conside

Peak & Mean Power + Power Capacity Increase (5-8%) in 11 Trained Women W/ OTC Rhodiola Extract in Non-Sponsored Cross-Over Trial ++ Review of Evidence from Other Studies

While there's some evidence that other plants from the genus "Rhodiola" may have similar effects, you want to rely on the std. exctracts from "Rhodiola Rosea" that were used in several studies if you want to try it | for dosage recommendation, see bottom line. Some of you will probably remember that " Rhodiola " aka"Golden Root" is a putative adaptogen, i.e. a "nontoxic [sic!] substance and especially a plant extract that is held to increase the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning" (Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary )... No? Well, I remembered "Rhodiola Rosea", as I should have written before to avoid confusion with other plants from the  same genus , when I saw a recent post by Jason Cholewa on Facebook. The link to a study that was attached to the post didn't just remind me of this almost forgotten herb (ten years ago it was used
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