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Chains & Bands Can Double Your 1RM Strength Gains on the Bench and in the Squat Rack, Meta-Analysis Shows

Dude, it won't suffice to just bring your chains to the gym to show them off, you will also have to attach them to the barbell before squatting and benching to see results... and bro, the science on the benefits of elastic bands is much more solid - even though they are not as "cool"! I've written about the use of bands and chains in previous SuppVersity  articles, but Miguel A. Soria-Gila recent paper is the first meta-analysis that aggregates the available data to answer the important question, whether the use of "variable resistance" training (VRT), as the use of bands and chains is usually referred to in the literature, is generally advisable, or if the existing positive results are nothing but outliers. Retraction alert: In November 2018, the paper by Soria-Gila that is at the heart of this article was retracted due to "honest error [...] which completely invalidated the results and interpretation of the findings ( read more ). Unfortunately

Cardio After Weights! Doing Resistance Before Endurance Training Has More Beneficial Effects on Leptin, Cortisol, Testosterone and Body Composition in Young Men

I can almost guarantee that the results of this study are not sex-specific. Ladies, pick up the weights fater you hit the treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical or other torture instrument you like to use! It has been a while since the last study on exercise order (cardio or weights first) has been published. Now, scientists from the University of Kurdistan  have conducted another study to investigate the effects of intrasession sequencing of concurrent resistance and endurance training on the serum leptin, testosterone, cortisol responses and body composition in obese men. And don't worry, we are not talking about useless acute-phase data that shows no correlation with either strength or muscle gains, or fat loss (West. 2012). Sheikholeslami-Vatani and colleagues conducted an eight-week study on thirty obese young male students without continuous exercise history (age: 23.2±1.4 year, BMI: 31.8±1.6 kg/m²). You can learn more about the optimal exercise order at the SuppVersity

Breakfast: Eat it or Skip it? Making it High Protein Will Have Habitually Skipping Teens Lose Fat & Curbs Their Hunger

This could have been the HP breakfast. Egg-based pancakes + ham. It is almost like the question "to carb" or "not to carb" and the almost religiously maddish discussions between carb-eaters and ketophiles: The debate revolving around the useful- or uselessness of breakfast, when it comes to health and physique issues. In my more recent articles about the topic I have repeatedly exposed the claim that "not having breakfast is bad for everyone" is total bogus; and while I am not going to go back on that I am about to discuss a study that demonstrates that the right  breakfast, i.e. one that's high in protein, may be extremely better than having no breakfast at all. Learn more about fasting and eating / skipping breakfast at the SuppVersity Breakfast and Circadian Rhythm Does Meal Timing Matter? Breakfast & Glucose Metab. Break the Fast, Cardio & the Brain Does the Break- Fast-Myth Break? Breakfast? (Un?) Biased Revie

First Study to Demonstrate Ergogenic Effects of Metformin - 14% Increased Time to Exhaustion in Standardized Supra-Maximal Cycling Test With 500mg of Ordinary Metformin

With the publication of Learsi's latest paper the list of things metformin can do for you has just gotten been expanded with another item: Doping! You will probably remember my article about the potential, but unproven ergogenic effects of AMPK mimetics ( read it ). Well, as it is often the case, a new study is released only days after you've published a review of the existing literature. Oftentimes that's not really relevant, but in the case of the latest study from the  Federal University of Alagoas  this may be different. After all, we are dealing with a human study  in  ten healthy, physically active, but non-athletic subjects with a mean (±SD) maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) o 38.6 ± 4.5 mL/kg per min who performed (i) an incremental test; (ii) six submaximal constant workload tests at 40%-90% V O2max; and (iii) two supramaximal tests (110% V O2max). All tests were performed twice once with a placebo supplement and once with 500mg of metformin. Both, the placebo a

Silicon-Powered Anti-Heart Disease Sausages / High Protein Breakfast, High Satiety, No Change in Food Intake / 49% Higher Chance of Healthy Aging Depends on Moderation

Can you pump them up w/ silicon and to negate their atherosclerotic effects!?  In today's installment of the Nutrition Research Update in the Short News , I am going to tackle three studies that deal with the surprisingly pronounced, yet practically potentially irrelevant benefits of eating a high protein breakfast, silicon... not in breasts, but sausages as a means to protect you from heart disease and the fact that calories count  so much that even on a "healthy diet" only those who eat in moderation will age healthily. That sounds interesting? Fine! I am not going to waste any more time and will fast forward to the first study... Read more short news  on various topics here at the SuppVersity Exercise Research Uptake Nov '14 1/2 Exercise Research Uptake Nov '14 2/2 Nutrition and (Anti-)Aging News Special Exercise Supplementation Quickie Exercise Research Uptake Jan 12, 2015 Read the Latest Ex. Science Update Breakfasts Higher in P
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