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10%(+) Reduction in Testosterone After Glucose and Whey Protein Shakes - Is the Classic #BB Shake Anti-Anabolic?

We're talking about a cross-over study in adolescent subjects and acute changes but that's neither the only nor the most relevant reason you don't have to be afraid of the bodybuilding staple, now. In fact, a closer look at the data seems to suggest that we're talking about a 'protein-anabolic decrease in testosterone'... sounds odd? Well, here's how it may relate to your #androgenReceptors (AR) and eventually your gainz, irrespective of your age, by the way. I have previously addressed the possible ill effects of very high protein intakes on your testosterone levels - in particular, when those intakes are combined with a caloric deficit and, accordingly, reduced intakes of glucose and fat (re-read "True or False - High or Low Protein Intakes Have Profound Influence on Testosterone, SHBG, Estrogen, Cortisol & Co?" | here )... Now, a new study in Clinical Endocrinology  ( Schwartz 2019 ) shows that testosterone ⇆ protein/carbohydrate inter
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