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New Studies on the Gut, Microbiome and Dietary Fiber: 25% Reduced Glucose Response to White Bread, Fiber for the Health of Our Youngest & Oldest -- Nutrients September '16

When the average Westerner hears the word fiber, his marketing indoctrinated brain will associate "cereals"... thanks to the marketing campaigns of Kellog's and co. we have been brainwashed to forget that even the less processed cereals have a comparatively low fiber/kcal ratio compared to veggies, for example. Initially, I wanted to add the word "all" into the headline of today's article, but that would have promised a bit more than today's article will deliver. It's not "all" as in "all the articles I haven't discussed, yet", but rather "all" as in all the articles from the albeit very recommendable peer-reviewed scientific journal Nutrients . I promise, though: Even this version of "all" is going to have at least one "gem"that will awake  SuppVersity reader's interest. You want examples? Here you go: (a) oat bran preload before high carbohydrate meal reduces post-prandial glucose ex

Women Have a Hard(er) Time Losing Body Fat W/ Exercise 'cause it Increases Their Appetite More Than Men's, Right?

Is she going to binge after this body weight squat workout? Nah, don't worry... I've repeatedly written about studies that show that the Taubs'ian notion that "exercise is useless because it just makes you hungry" is bullsh*t. It is indeed useless to work out to burn calories, it is yet never useless to work out - even if fat loss, not health or longevity is your goal. What you should be aware of, though, is that there is a gender bias in the selecting of subjects in health sciences; and since the average subject in nutrition and exercise sciences is male and studies that have enough male and female subjects to identify relevant sex differences are rare, we don't really know if everything that has been "scientifically proven" can also be considered "scientifically proven" for female dieters and/or trainees. Learn more about the (often ;-) small but significant difference at the SuppVersity 1g PRO per 2g CHO + Circuit T. for Wome

Garlic & Red Yeast Rice: Manage Your Blood Lipids W/Out Statins - 12+1 Natural Alternatives Reviewed (Part I)

Red yeast rice is the "+1" in this SuppVersity Mini-Series  because it is actually a "statin". Similar effects, similar side effects and all that (probably) because of the similar structure of its lipid lowering active ingredient(s). "Twelve + 1"? I know that sounds odd, but I have my reason to single one of the natural alternatives, two scientists from the Chulalongkorn University in Thailand list in their 2016 review "A Review of the Efficacy, Safety, and Clinical Implications of Naturally Derived Dietary Supplements for Dyslipidemia", right from the start: red yeast rice (RYR). While garlic, which will also be discussed in today's first installment of what is going to become a mini-series, also has the ability to decrease your HMG-CoA reductase activity, only RYR does that at a similar potency as statins do; which is why its use entails the risk of similar side effects as they have been reported for regular statin drugs Whether RYR i

Whole Eggs Can Boost Your Beta-Carotene and Vitamin E Uptake from Veggie Salad W/ Oil Dressing by 400%-700%

Believe it or not raw food vegans, it takes scrambled (whole) eggs to turn your veggie salads into a "superfood", or rather, to have the "super effects" of all its "super vitamins" on your health . The photo shows an egg-recipe from The Organic Dish , take a look ; and don't worry if you're afraid of healthy oats , you can leave out the out cakes under the eggs ;-) I still see people throwing the good yolk of their eggs away. Shame on you!  You're not just throwing the most nutrient dense (also in terms of nutrients per energy content) away, you also sacrifice the beneficial effects of the co-ingestion of eggs with other nutrient dense foods - benefits which have only recently been recognized by the scientific community when people finally starting looking beyond individual foods and nutrients and started to investigate the actual and practically more relevant effects of food matrices. This trend that began with the negative effects of pe

Accelerated Muscle Repair and Function W/ 10-15g High Leucine EAA Supplement | Shouldn't Whey do the Same?

Would it be advisable to switch from the large scoop with protein (red) to the small one with (EAAs) or take both? That's a question today's SuppVersity article may help you to answer on your own.  Yes, leucine stimulates mTOR; but no, on its own, it is not going to build muscle, significantly accelerate muscle repair and function. Why's that? Well, your muscles are not made of leucine only. You also need the other essential amino acids histidine, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. Hiroyuki Kato et al., researchers from the  Frontier Research Laboratories  in Japan know that... obviously, after all, they work for the world's #1 amino acid producer, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. That makes them potentially biased, but that's a bias they openly declare. Learn more about amino acid and BCAA supplements at the SuppVersity Peri-WO BCAA Blunt Fat Loss Whey + C Kicks BCAA Ass Alanyl-Glutamine is it any good? Glut
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