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Cardio & Weights - Mutual Exclusives or Synergists? Two New Studies Suggest: Cardio "Before" and After Workouts Offers More Benefits Than Downsides for Strength & Mass

Could "cardio" really be more than just a necessary evil on your way to a physique like this? Yesterday testosterone booster (see " Capsaicin or 28-OB... ") and today already the next "bro favorite": The never ending debate about "cardio and weights" (or should I rather write "cardio vs. weights"). If you are no newcomer to the SuppVersity you will be aware that this is not the first time, we are tackling this issue (e.g. " Cardio Before or After Weights? " or " Before, After or In-Between "). While most of the previous posts did however deal with the question of "How do I do the least damage to my resistance training , if I want to do cardio, as well". The two studies, I have in stock for you, today, would suggest that this question in and out of itself is quite nonsensical and that the "correct", or at least way more productive question must be: "How can I use cardio to promote my st

Capsaicin or Plant Oxysterol 28-Homobrassinolide (28-HB) - Two Candidates for a Natty Test Booster that Works?

In am not sure if people got afraid that I rip their papers apart by pointing with a figure at the non-existent real-world significance of their revolutionary findings about the testosterone boosting effects of herb X from the deepest jungle in Y. What I do know however, is that for whatever reason studies like these have become rare as of late. I have still been able to pick up two of them, to do what Carl usually calls the SuppVersity Sniff Test on Capsaicin *achoo!* ... sorry! And the oxysterol 28-Homobrassinolide, which is present in miniscule amounts in Chinese cabbage , for example. Capsaicin: The hotter, the better? The first of the two studies we are going to tackle, today, comes ri g ht from the Department of Histology & Embryology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicin e of the University of Uludag in Turkey... and yes, the fact that it comes from the " Department of Histology & Embryology at the Faculty  of Veterinary Medicine" is in fact a first

Natural Resistant Starch Reduces Body Fat & Weight Gain in Obesity Prone & Lean Rodents. 8% RS2 Necessary for Weight Loss Effect, Only 4% for Increases in GLP-1 and PYY

Potatoes! I don't suggest you eat them raw, but if you did they would make a good source of resistant starch. You don't eat potatoes at all? Read the Potato Manifesto and learn why regular potatoes are not as black as they are portrait! I guess, you will remember my post on WM-HDP from back in the day. As usual you, as a SuppVersity reader were in the know, way before the ThermiCarbs and its identical clones hit the supplement market. It has however gotten relatively quiet around these purported super starches, which bypass enzymatic breakdown in the small intestine and get converted to short-chain fatty acids (SFCA) in the colon. Why? Well, my best bet is that people expected some sweet junk of which they could eat as much as they wanted with the only side effect being increased muscularity and decreased body fat levels. I am well aware that you knew better than that, but you know how people are: Always on the look-out for the magc pill... or in this case, the magic star

The Female(?) Athlete Triad - Part III/III: Road to Recovery! Step #3 = Reinvent Your Training Regimen

You don't have to wonder that you get lost, when you embark on a journey without food, a map and as you will soon realize no definitive destination. After I did not have time to write the third part of the Road to Recovery , which is Part II of the SuppVersity Female(?) Athlete's Triad Series , my guilty conscious has been plaguing me, so that I will simply take the time, sit down and write down everything that comes to mind, as far as the workout side of the triad is concerned. To be honest, aside from those of you who are still caught in the "working out to burn body fat" idiocy, I believe that everyone who has been following the SuppVersity for some time, who has read the Step By Step Guide to Your Own Workout Routine and, most importantly, follows his or her rationale instead of being misguided by fears of "getting fat again", "losing muscle", etc. should not make so many mistakes, here... right? Well we will see ... When we are talkin

Reishi Protects Against Cancer & Contains Anti-Androgen; Adrenalin Rejuvenates Brown Fat; Mild Stress Normalizes Cortisol / DHEA Ratio in Elderly; DHEA, Aromatase Inhibitors & BPA vs. Joint & Brain Health; Vitamin E Battles Lymphoma

I am not happy with how the short news on Facebook simply disappear into oblivion. The SuppVersity figure of the week is "920"! "920" as in "920 published posts" here at the SuppVersity . The reason that's the figure of the week is that I have been thinking about ways to reorganize the archive, but am a bit lost on how to structure things in a better way using blogger. This beast simply isn't made for anything that goes beyond a weekly classic blogpost a la "last week I did this and that, read about..." *yawn* What's yet even more enervating is that despite having the huge advantage of being easily posted and directly accessible for all of you, the tons of short news items I post on a daily basis on the SuppVersity Facebook Wall simply disappear into the 'Facebook nirvana'. I currently cannot spend any time on those technical / organizational matters, but in the course of 2013 things are going to change. In the mea
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