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Too Much of a Good Thing - Selenium: Little More Than in Many 'Multis' Can Trigger Subclinical Hypothyroidism, Less Selenium (25% of the RDA) Cuts 13% Body Fat in 10 Weeks

Three things make this study special #1 it's human study, #2 it was conducted in a metabolic ward and #3 it didn't use potentially toxic Se supplements If you ask around about how you can accelerate your metabolism, selenium and iodine, which are both important players in the concert of thyroid hormones, are usually among the first supplements to be mentioned. The bad news is: If you are not deficient in one of them, taking copious amounts of either of them may well slow down your metabolism significantly. In view of the fact that the mechanism that triggers this side effect for selenium is a bit more straight forward than it is for iodine, I would like to start this new series with the initially mentioned essential trace element. Learn more about your thyroid , T3 , and T4 at the SuppVersity Green tea messes w/ your thyroid hormones TSH alone is not a good measure of thyroid health Fructose prevents decline of T3 while dieting T2 has thyroid-suppressing

Virgin Coconut Oil Minimizes Weight Gain and Improves Blood Lipids (HDL⇈, LDL + VLDL ↘) to Reduce Atherogenic Index by 84% Even in Rats on Non-Atherogenic Diets

There are more than a dozen of options for virgin coconut oil on the market and there's no way the normal custumer can tell which one is actually "virgin" and which is a fraud and maybe even adulterated with palm oil - the technology to identify adulterations is there (Manaf. 2007), but I haven't heard of a label that would prove that the products were tested. You are probably as fed-up with the hype around coconut oil as I am, right? Coconut oil here, coconut oil there. For this, for that and "did you know that coconut oil will also ..." Yes, you can even argue that a new branch of broscientists and snake oil vendors is dealing with little else than coconut oil. In spite of that, I consider it at least remotely possible that the data from a recent rodent study that was published in the  UK Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biosciences (Sharig. 2015) will catch your attention. I am sure you won't catch fire, though, but maybe at least some sparks, whe

Foods in the Limelight: Blueberry Smoothies, Egg Protein & 'Healthy Eating' | Plus: How to Diagnose Gluten Sensitivity?

Yes, blueberry smoothies are heart healthier than those without blueberries, but can't replace blood pressure meds. In today's installment of the SuppVersity  short news we will take a look at a bunch of recent studies that have been published in the open-source journal Nutrients  in the last months. Some of them deal with foods, others with behavioral aspects that are related to one's diet and its effects on body weight and health. I will try to adapt the length of the summary to the appeal of the article, but if you feel that a specific topic has not been covered "in-depth enough" for your liking, you can always type the title of the study from the references into google and take a closer look, yourself. If you want training, not nutrition articles, here you go! Optimizing Rest for Size and Strength Gains When Rodents Squat, We Can Learn A Lot! Farmer's Walk or Squat? Is Strong- men T. For You? Full ROM ➯ Full Gains - Form Counts! Cut

TSH - A Critical Re-Evaluation of Its Non-Significance: Why Your TSH May Tell You Nothing About Your Thyroid Health

Symptoms of hypo- and hypothyroidism (figure from  In previous articles about overtraining I've already touched on the possibility that training too much and eating to little can put you into a state where your TSH levels are low, even if the same goes for your free T3 and free T4 values. Normally, your hypothalamus should correct low levels of the two active thyroid hormone T3 and T4 by increasing TSH. This physiological up-and-down is what doctors use to diagnose hypo- and hyperthyroidism by measuring TSH and in many cases only TSH - text-book practice, but still questionable against the background of the latest science. Learn more about your thyroid , T3 , and T4 at the SuppVersity Green tea messes w/ your thyroid hormones Overfeeding affects thyroid hormones Fructose prevents decline of T3 while dieting T2 has thyroid-suppressing ef-fects as T3 & T4 Dieting makes you "hypothyroid" - temporarily Levothyroxine may not b

To Boil or Not to Boil? What's Going to Make Your Tea the Healthiest? Recent Study: It Depends on the Type of Tea

Hot or not? That could be a matter of health or ah... well almost death ;-) Usually a "tea" is a hot beverage, right? No? Well, ok there's ice-tea, but even the coolest of all teas is initially brewed with hot, sometimes almost boiling water. A practice of which a recent study from the   Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná in Brazil suggests that it may actually impair some of the beneficial effects of Baldo, White, Black and Mate tea. How come? Well, in the study Vanessa de Carvalho Rodrigue, et al. conducted, it made a huge difference in terms of the total phenol and flavenoid content of the extracts (=the aformentioned teas) when the scientists used cold water instead of water that was 80°C "hot". You can learn more about tea at the SuppVersity Use Roiboos for Stress & Virus Control Tired? Theacrine Will Get You Goin' in Minutes Milk, Tea & Honey Don't Mix?! Theacrine or Caffeine for Brain Power? Aluminum, Lead
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