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Platelet-Rich Plasma - Mar-2019 Update: What? How? For Whom? And How Useful? PRP Summarized + Illustrated

This article focuses on the use of PRP for mobility issues, but it's also used for hair growth and cosmetics . In a  point-/counter-point article that was recently published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal Morey J. Kolber, professor at Nova Southeastern University , and Paul A. Salamh, assistant professor at the  University of Indianapolis discuss the usefulness of PRP for different joint/ligament issues ranging from the proverbial Achilles heel to the often overused rotator cuff - with additional references and illustrations, their paper consitutes the backbone of this brief research update. Read about more or less exercise-related studies at the SuppVersity Alcohol, Microbes & International Chest Day Aug '15 Ex.Res. Upd.: Nitrate, Glycogen, and ... Pre-Exhaustion Exhausts Your Growth Potential HbA1c, Bone Health, BFR & More | Jan'17 TeaCrine®, ALA, Tribulus, Cordy-ceps, Sesamin... Cannabis, Basketball, Brain Building Whether

Leafy Green Veggies Set Omega-6 on Fire? Plus: Proprietary but Worth Mentioning Milk Protein Contrate for Knee Pain

Not new, but still novel: "Proprietary Milk Protein Concentrate" about to make a come(back) in your joint supplements? And what are the implications of the counter-intuitive effects of leafy greens in a(n unhealthy) diet? Does this mean you have to stay away from collard greens (CG), purslane (PL), or orange flesh sweet potato greens (SPG) and other putative health foods? If you follow @SuppVersity on Facebook, you will know the peer-reviewed open access journal " Nutrients " - they publish a lot of interesting papers every month and some even make it from the short news on Facebook to an actual full-length article on the SuppVersity - two studies did just that, today: A study by Johnson et al. with the potential to (eventually unwarrantedly) spoil your appetite for leafy greens and an RCT by Ziegenfuss et al. you should know if you want to stay on top of the research on "joint supplements"... joint supplements that seem to work even for people with m
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