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'Spiking' (not Replacing) Suboptimal Amounts of #Whey With #EAAs Yields Increase in Net Protein Balance, Yet not(!) Protein Synthesis in Muscle - Acute Response Study

You will probably have read about the results of this recent study from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences  elsewhere already - hopefully in an article that applied the same rigorous scrutiny as this one. "Wait: EAAs are better than whey?" If that's your overgeneralized and essentially wrong (there was no comparison of EAA vs. Whey, but one of EAA+whey vs. whey 😎) take-home message from the abstract of a recent study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition  you may have recently read about on Facebook, you better read the rest of today's SuppVersity article on Park's paper, of which I would like to point out that the authors come to a very different, accurate, and more nuanced conclusion, that reads as follows: "that a composition of a balanced EAA formulation combined with whey protein is highly anabolic as compared to a whey protein-based recovery product, and that the response is dose-dependent" ( Park 2020

Blood Flow Restriction Training 2020: What's New on Age, Sex, and Contralateral Gains | Plus: Limiting Discomfort!?

It may sound awesome but eventually training only one arm is no viable long-term strategy. Having learned about the ability of BFR to increase/facilitate contralateral gains in today's SuppVersity  article, you could yet well use it when you're injured and unable to train one of your limbs (legs/quads should work, too).  In today's third installment of the 2020 research updates , I want to take a look at all that's new and interesting in the realms of blood flow restriction aka # BFR . How effective is it? Who benefits? Who benefits the most? Will it speed up or slow down recovery? And why will it help you make gains even on untrained limbs?  Sounds interesting? Well, here you go: My overview of selected new studies investigating the effects of blood flow restriction from early 2020 will answer these and (hopefully) any related questions you may have. "Blood Flow Restriction" aka # BFR is becoming more and more popular - rightly so? BFR, Cortisol &

The Latest on Artificial Sweeteners: #Sucralose Good for the Lean, Bad for the Obese? #Acesulfame-K, the Healthier Alternative? As If! Plus: There's All Wrong w/ the Research

Time to stop discriminating against low-calorie (#LCS) or artificial sweeteners as a category, time to start considering the molecule and subject-dependence of these substances and to get the research back on track. Not sure if this article will achieve the latter but if you  realize that generalizations are misplaced when it comes to alleged sugar-alternatives are unwarranted that would be an educational success worth celebrating for the SuppVersity , as well. Still on schedule! As promised last week, I will continue to do my very best to supply you with at least one in-depth exercise, nutrition, and supplementation article per week again. Worked out last week, worked out this week, will work out next week - promise ;-) -- With that being said, you may look forward to a 2020 research update on the use(fulness) of artificial sweeteners that will hopefully add some color to your perspective on 'artificial sweeteners' as a category and the vast, in many cases dubitable re-sea

#Coffee & Related Research from Early 2020: #FilterHeight Matters | #Leaves Better Than Beans | #Probiotic Coffee

Coffee junkies, recoice! The SuppVersity  is back ... and how can this be celebrated? With a research update on ☕ - a review discussing the latest science from coarsness to leaf-extracts, and beyond. Long time no read,... I know but after a period with a severe lack of motivation and a lot to do outside the virtual walls of the SuppVersity, I will try to come back with (not yet daily but) weekly articles on topics near and dear to your and my heart. And if you've been following the SuppVersity for some time, now, you will see that it's only logical to do so with an article about coffee. If you want daily articles/news, by the way, I would suggest that you follow the SuppVersity on Facebook + Instagram . You can learn more about coffee and caffeine at the SuppVersity For Caffeine, Timing Matters! 45 Min or More? Caffeine Helps When Taken Intra-Workout, too Coffee can Help You Get into Ketosis Post-Workout Coffee Helps With DOMS Coffee Brewing 101 (Op
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