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Exercise Round-Up: HIIT Prevents Angina; Stretching Reduces IGF-1 & Strength Gains; Cardio + Weights Lower TNF-Alpha; Protein Doesn't Works W/ Glucose Depletion; Polarization More Effective Than Threshold Training

That's (hopefully) not the way you want to "kick off" your year 2013, is it? So keep the booze at bay and party away, tonight ;-) There are three things of which I would hope that they are on the top ranks in the things you are planning to do in 2013. And aside from proposing to your girlfriend, becoming a parent, graduating from whatever you are currently studying and keeping or, in the unfortunate case you don't have one, getting a job no other goals should be ranked in this must to in 2013 category: Work out, eat health and sleep deep and sufficiently. Against that background today's exercise round-up, which comprises all the few newsworthy papers that have been published during or shortly before the holiday season can actually be regarded as a means of orientation as far as practical realization of your best intentions for 2013 are concerned. HIIT in the evening will keeps the heart attack away (Morikowa. 2012) -- Having a mild angina (coronary spas

Forskolin: Friend or Foe? Stories and Studies About Fat Loss, Lean Gains, Topical Cellulite Treatment, Testosterone, Cancer, Hepatotoxicity, Drug Interactions & More

There is a single human study that would suggest that forskolin would make you get closer to this classic physique w/out tons of salad (who said that's necessary anyway?). Since Maxim asked in one of his more recent comments about the usefulness and/or downsides of forskolin, I dediced to dedicate this Sunday (finally again?) to answering a user question and am going to briefly sum up some older and the few novel findings on forskolin I am aware of. For those of you who find that boring: Don't blame Maxim alone, another reason for this decision was that I have seen discussions on forskolin resurface elsewhere on the Internet. By the way, I write re-surfaced, because forskolin has once been hailed as a testbooster and fat loss adjuvant, but as the prices increased and people came out with faked or low-quality products that did not yield results, the market collapsed. What is forskolin and where does it originate from? As usually there is more than a single answer to t

Yohimbine & Berberine Protect From Death Due to LPS Intoxication; BCAAs Inhibit Serotonin Metabolism & Cause Anxiety, Tryptophan but not SSRIs Help; Sweet Tea Leaves Are PPAR-G Antagonists & Battle High Lipid + Leptin Levels

Skip the fireworks invest the money in some quality ingredients for a fondue or whatever you like and invest the (often non-negligible) rest of the money in a gym membership for the next year. Actually my figure of the week is 115,000,000 EUR (~152,000,000 US Dollar), which is the sum my fellow country men and women are about to waste on pyrotechnics this year. And a scientifically unconfirmed addition based on my personal observation: 90% of the worst offenders as far as spending money for fireworks goes are at least overweight. Would be interesting to see, if the use of pyrotechnics on New Years Eve is directly associated with fat mass... I mean, it could be that they spent so much money on their fireworks that they feel they can only afford the junkfood of which everybody and his/her mama still tend to believe that it would be cheaper than buying fresh products and preparing your own food from those. Ah, I am ranting. That's usually Carl Lanore 's task, so I will bet

Science Round-Up Seconds: 8 Nootropics to Combat Stroke, Alzheimer's & Co, Boost Cognitive Performance. Plus: 7 Unknown Side Effects of High Dose Glutamine.

Effects of infusion times on phenol content of black tea (Ramalho. 2012) If you have already listened to the podcast of yesterday's Science Round-Up on the Super Human Radio Website ( click here if you haven't and wan't to know what the following is all about), I suppose you will not mind that I compiled some of the complex information about "optimal" tea brewing in the illustration to the right (based on Ramalho. 2012). The colored arrows indicate the time-points at which the given compounds in the tea achieved peak values. The exact time point is also given in minutes, so that a 9' in front of the green caffeine and on the left to the green arrow pointing at the 9 min point tells you "it took 9 minutes for the caffeine content to reach it's maximum in the British tea". The graph in the background shows the catechin concentration depending on the infusion time. Cholinergenic nootropics - What a recent review says I guess some of you wil

More Testosterone Boosters: Andrographolide & Quassinoid Rich Fraction from Eurycoma Longifolia. Preview: Science Round-Up - Sesamin, Teas, Muscle Swelling & Growth...

Do you really get along without estrogen when you want to build muscle ( read the answer ) You thought I would already have forgotten my promise from last week to tell you about the other potential testosterone & libido (+fertility) boosters? How dare you ;-)! I just wanted to keep thrill of anticipation and in order to prolong that a little further, I will start out - as on every Thursday - with a sneak preview on today's Science Round-Up   (airs on the Super Human Radio Network on 1PM, click here to listen live ). As you may imagine there were not all too many novel papers published since last week. Notwithstanding, I could assemble enough material for the 1h show. According to my current plan , the schedule will look like this: the fat burning effects of n-6 sesamin, AA and D-GLA the antibacterial effects of raspberry extracts fermented green tea and liver protection the optimal brewing time for tea depending on your goals the futility of using green tea as a

Seabuckthorn Leaves Increase PPAR-Alpha & PPAR-Gamma Expression, Keep the Liver Fat Free and Fatty Oxidation Up. Plus: PPARs - High or Low? How Are They Supposed to Be?

This time, the magic is in the leaves, not the fruits or kernels. And it's dose dependent. With an almost linear increase from 500-1,000mg/kg Honestly, I don't think that it is coincidence that many of the most promising medical plants are shrubs that live on barren soil, like sand dunes and cliffs and are full of thorns as well as innate polyphenolic defense mechanisms. Whatever the "evolutionary" basis may be, if we go by the beneficial metabolic effects, researchers from the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the Chonbuk National University in the Republic of Korea, it appears worth going through all the traditional used folk medicine across the world and identify which of them work, how they work and whether they may already have what it takes to get rid of one or the other of the typical Western diseases. In the case of the ethanolic extract of seabuckthorn ( Hippophae rhamnoides L ) Pichiah et al. used in their most recent experiment, this

Beyond Celiac: Study Sheds New Light on Obesogenic Effects of Gluten - Are PPARs & Bacteria Both Involved?

Cornflakes peanut butter cookies - guaranteed not gluten free ;-) With Christmas Eve being over, and grandma's cookies, Christmas stollen, and all sorts of other stuff from the bakery in front of you (literally), Christmas Day may actually prove to be a way more "dangerous" than Christmas Eve - not just because of the total amount of calories, but also because of the low satiety effect of these sweet treats. A recent paper by scientists from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte in Brazil does now point to another reason you better give those bakery products a wide berth - not just, but especially with the energy overshoot on Christmas day: Gluten! Study confirms for the first time what scientists and laymen alike have been speculating about In what the scientists claim is the first well-controlled study of the effects of gluten intake on metabolic health in a non-celiac, but Western-style diet scenario, FabĂ­ola Lacerda Pires Soares and her
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