More Testosterone Boosters: Andrographolide & Quassinoid Rich Fraction from Eurycoma Longifolia. Preview: Science Round-Up - Sesamin, Teas, Muscle Swelling & Growth...

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You thought I would already have forgotten my promise from last week to tell you about the other potential testosterone & libido (+fertility) boosters? How dare you ;-)! I just wanted to keep thrill of anticipation and in order to prolong that a little further, I will start out - as on every Thursday - with a sneak preview on today's Science Round-Up  (airs on the Super Human Radio Network on 1PM, click here to listen live).

As you may imagine there were not all too many novel papers published since last week. Notwithstanding, I could assemble enough material for the 1h show. According to my current plan, the schedule will look like this:
  • the fat burning effects of n-6 sesamin, AA and D-GLA
  • the antibacterial effects of raspberry extracts
  • fermented green tea and liver protection
  • the optimal brewing time for tea depending on your goals
  • the futility of using green tea as a "fat burner" in healthy individuals
  • muscle swelling and skeletal hypertrophy & training with cuffs
  • exercise will make you hungry, you will eat more and still lose weight
... and more if there is still enough time. Ok, I guess you have been waiting long enough, now. So let's take a look at the promised testosterone boosters and their individual effects:

Andrographolide - Never heard of it? The data suggests it may be wort remembering

Don't worry if you have never heard the name "Andrographolide" before, because even if you did, you are probably only aware of the effects the active agent in Andrographis paniculata (Burm. F.) is supposed to have on the gastro-intestinal tract and upper respiratory infections, fever and herpes (Ayurveda), detoxification (TCM) and the prevention and treatment of the common cold (Scandinavia; cf. Mishra. 2007).
Figure 1: Mounting frequency in male rodents receiving 50mg/kg andrographolide (HED: 8.1mg/kg) compared to sildenafi (left) and long-term effects on serum testosterone levels (right; Sattayasai. 2010)
As the data in figure 1 goes to show you it can help you find back your libido and increase your testosterone levels. With the libido effects being not as immediate, but more long-lasting than with sildenafil and the effects on testosterone only after 4 weeks of continuous use, it is yet not a 1:1 alternative for the typical Western immediate satisfaction seeker ;-)

That said, as with all the natural test-boosters the chance that they will translate into muscle gains are pretty slim - and this stuff first has to prove its efficacy in humans.

Eurycoma Longifolia may be worth taking a look at - though for a brief HTPA boost, only

I guess many of you will know "longjack" aka "Tonkat Ali" and who knows some may even have a supplement that was either based on or did at least contain some of a couple of milligrams of it. Now, in case that did not work, the underlying reason may well have been that your extract was devoid or at least low in the active quassinoids the scientists from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, Malaysia, administered to male rats at dosages of 25mg/kg (4mg/kg for a human).
Figure 2: Endocrine effects of different doses of quassinoids from Tonkat Ali (Low. 2012)
As the data in figure 2 goes to show you, this was actually actually the case and the mechanism appears to be mediated by direct effects on the luteinizing hormone release in the hypothalamus.

Now don't get too excited. While previous studies have shown that the change of toxic side-effects is low, the study at hand did also reveal that
Comparing natty test boosters with anabolic agents (read more)
"[...] the over stimulated effect of testosterone production by E. longifolia probably may not be an issue as the peak testosterone level recorded at the first complete spermatogenesis process of 52 days was reduced back to the normal level even though the animals were given a higher dose or prolonged treatment period, due probably to the effect of homeostasis." (Low. 2012)
That said, chances that you will actually gain some muscle mass on this stuff are (as usual with natty test boosters) zero. To give your HPTA a kickstart the LH inducing effect could come handy, though. So if you whacked your natural testosterone production by whatever means, it is worth a try (not as a standalone PCT, however).

That's it for now, so if you want more news, you better don't forget to tune in live to the SuppVersity Science Round-Up on Superhuman Radio at 1PM (EST)

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