Friday, August 20, 2010

Afraid of Prostate Cancer? All Your Vitamins Won't Help You!

Lately, you learned at the SuppVersity that Broccoli has preventive effect against prostate cancer, now a new report by Beilby (Belby. 2010) reviews the results of previous studies (cf. figure 1) which suggest that folate, beta crotene, vitamin A and vitamin E might be beneficial, as well.

Table 1: Baseline characteristics of cases and controls (Belby. 2010. Table 1)
 The results of their survey is however disillusioning:
we report null associations for serum concentrations of β-carotenevitamin A and vitamin E, and subsequent development of prostate cancer.
Before you throw away all those pills now, remember that "null association" means that it won't hurt you either ;-)