Impressive Blood Work on Brassaiopsis glomerulata, i.e. DS Triazole. Less Test Boosting Than ATD, Though

Figure 1: Driven Sports new
aromatase inhibitor Triazole
This is no typical SuppVersity stuff, because it is an N=1 sponsored "investigation" (meaning: take it with a grain of skepticism) into the effect of a dietary supplement. Nevertheless, I find it interesting enough to post the results a tester of Driven Sports new aromatase inhibitor Triazole posted on a thread of mine on the BB.COM board:
Total Test went from 625 to 1032.

Free Test went from 74.9 to 148.1.

I'm posting from my phone, so I will have to post a copy of the results when I can scan them tonight.
Driven Sports Rep
If these values aren't fake (update: scans have been posted here) this equals an impressive rise of about 65% in total testosterone (less significant in view of muscle gains) and an even more important rise of 98% in free testosterone. Although you certainly won't see similar gains as on an AAS-cycle, the latter increase in bioavailable testosterone will certainly be noticeable in the gym.

Zinc (from Zinc Asparate) 5mg33%
Triazole Propietary Blend: 750 mg**
pZole (Propietary Extract of Brassaiopsis Glumerulata), Prunella Vulgaris PE 20:1, Zinc Asparate
Maca Root PE 20:1 (Lepidium Meyenil), Curcumin (95% Curcuma Longa Root Extract), CAPE (from Propietary Bee Propolis Extract), Bioperine

Another close look at the Triazole formula (above) suggests that this testosterone boosting effect is mediated mainly via Bassaiopsis glomerulata, because the other herbs in the formula have been used for too long (stand alone) without providing similar results. It is also well known that a financially supported study (that is still more reliable than an N=1 forum report) revealed that the use of Gaspari Nutrition's Novedex XT, an ATD-based aromatase inhibitor delivered more significant results:
Novedex XT resulted in average increases of 283%, 625%, 566%, and 438% for total testosterone (P=0.001), free testosterone (P=0.001), dihydrotestosterone (P=0.001), and the testosterone:estrogen ratio (P=0.001), respectively, whereas fat mass decreased 3.5% (P=0.026) during supplementation.
Now, Driven Sports's argumentation is that you would get about the same benefits from their product, but less side effects. The first part appears to be refuted by a company rep, already. As far as possible side effects are concerned, we will have to wait and see what the "crowd" will be reporting after is realeased on August 29.
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