Thursday, November 22, 2012

Adelfo Cerame: Contest Prep Update on Turkey Day! Plus: Losing Fat W/ Intermittent Fasting & 200g Carbs/Day Works

When you look at these images yo will have to concede that Adelfo brings a better conditioning to the Thanksgiving table than many a competitor to the stage ;-)
In a way it's funny how the Internet has brought us all so close together and yet we still have so little in common, when we are not "on the line". I believe it was two weeks ago, when I almost missed my own radio show on Thursday, because I assumed there wouldn't be a SuppVersity Science Round-Up on a holiday. Literally in the last minute I thought, maybe you better check whether the US guys have a holiday, as well - and what should I say? You didn't! Today, I am just back from the office and do now have an 'evening off', 'cause today it's you (or at least ~65% of you, which is the relative amount of US visitors in the last week), who have a holiday that' leaving me somewhat clueless why you are giving thanks and I am not ;-)

In the end, it does not matter for me what the deeper meaning of Thanksgiving is, as long as I know that you spend the day with your loved ones, it's a day to celebrate and that's all that counts - so HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy Adelfo's short progress update and get your share of the holiday roast - even if it will have it's share in the 0.5kg the average college student in a 2006 study by Hull et al. gained during the Thanksgiving holiday (. I will make sure there is "Get Lean and Stay Lean Quickie" either on Sunday or Monday, just in case ;-)

Happy Turkey Day SuppVersity readers! 

I’m going to make this short and sweet since I know most of you will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with loved ones and eating good food, because I know I will. I’ve been getting some comments and request from a few people for an update on my progress, and I know I have not done one in a while, so this will be just a quick update on my diet, training and progress pictures… I promise that’s all!
Figure 1: Adelfo's current total caloric intake and macronutrient ratio (left); Adelfo's latest progress pics (right) comparing photos from week 2 and week 7 of this contest prep (img. Adelfo Cerame Jr. 2012).
Trainingwise, I am still following the Hybrid of P.H.A.T. training using an RPE scale with 3 to 4 workouts per week depending on what day workouts land (click here to learn more about Adelfo's routine). In addition I am doing cardio twice a week: 9 laps around a trace. Everything is pretty much the same since I started in October - the aforementioned cardio is in fact he only addition I have made to my regimen at the beginning of this month.

One thing I do notice is that my carb intake is a lot higher this year and has not yet to change. By this time last year I was probably already at 125-150g of carbs. I never realized that I was able to maintain 200g of carbohydrates (which is big for me) for a long period of time while still dropping body fat. 

When I come to think about it, it's probably less that I could not do it, but rather that I never even gave the 200g of carbs per day a chance. Ever since working with coach Alberto, I’ve learned that dieting and listening to your body is like a game of wits, and sometimes, the best move is no move, at all.
Image 1: Progress picture (backshots) comparing week 2 and week 7 of this competition (Adelfo Cerame. 2012)
With regards to my training split, it’s still kicking my ass day in day out. I’m exhausted most days every time I stroll out the gym after a training session. I feel sore more than usual nowadays, and my muscles feel tight like I’m somewhat pumped all day long. After mentioning this to Alberto and maybe second guessing myself that it was just in my head; he assures me that it’s not in my head…
“Just pushing you a bit on the frequency tip which is important for an athlete of your level. We will go back and fourth with it, and you are NOT imagining what you feel dude. Your muscle are under constant turnover now, and because of this I think you will keep a much fuller look.”
Here is another conversation between coach Alberto and I, when I mentioned still feeling sore and tight but was feeling and noticing more density in my frame especially in my chest area because I feel that the chest area is my weakest body part…
“Yep! It was about time you rode the frequency train. It’s going to pay off! This week we are going to not change a thing, since we added more cardio. I want to cruise a bit this month December push a bit, but right now it’s coming off easy. We will have some good detail in your back by the end of the month.

So far so good, and given the new frequency you are working with I think you are going to really see you keep more even though you got leaner”
But yes… I am very pleased with my training and how everything is coming along. I am confident that I will be able to outdo my old self this coming March of 2013.
Image 2: Progress picture (front double biceps) week 2 vs. week 7 of this competition (Adelfo Cerame. 2012)
That’s all I have for this Thursday edition but since it is the holidays, just in case you didn’t get to read it last year. I wrote an article on “5 simple rules to survive the feast without too much damage” So for those of you who just started following my blogs; here is the link to the respective article.

Have A blessed Holiday SuppVersity readers!

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