Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adelfo Cerame: Intermittent Carbohydrate Modulation as a Stepping Stone Towards an Anatomy Chart Physique

Adelfo's goal is to look like an anatomy chart. Now, I don't know about you, but I have seen dozens of anatomy charts that reveal less details of the human physiology than this side-shot which was taken only three days ago.
If you read the headline of today's SuppVersity article, first, you will already know that this is not day 4 of the SuppVersity Exercise Science Week, but (finally) another of Adelfo Cerame's guestposts, here at the SuppVersity. You don't have to worry, there's going to be at least some exercise science in the SuppVersity Science Round-Up, which does (business as usual) air on 1PM (EST) live! on the Super Human Radio Network. So, if you want to be among the first to hear the latest about
  • the ameliorative effect of no more than 3g of glutamine on skeletal muscle damage and reductions in immune functions, when you're training like a maniac (learn more about glutamine)
  • the superiority of protein blends with respect to net protein retention and why the way most protein supplementation studies are designed has brought about an overreliance on whey protein and a questionable "post-workout window of opportunity" (suggested read: "Opening the Anabolic Barndoor With the Key of Science")
  • what percentage of track and field athletes would consider using performance enhancing drugs, if they had the chance and how side effects and the possibility of being busted would influence their decisions (suggested read: "The Brocebo Effect")
  • gluten degrading bacteria most of us already have in heir guts and/or mouths and how they could help fight celiac and co. (learn more about gluten & co)
  • the importance of doing both, cardio and weight lifting for anyone who's interested in optimal heart health (suggested read(s): "Weights or Cardio, What Comes First?")
  • the fat burning effects of sildenafil and how it's combination with EGCG from green tea may turn viagra into an anti-cancer drug (read more about viagra & natural alternatives)
... the podcast, which will be part of tomorrow's Seconds is not really an option ;-) That being said, I have already taken up way too much room in Adelfo Cerame's SuppVersity guestpost - it's high time to make room at the SuppVersity's "writer's desk" ;-)

Adelfo Cerame is back in the house

Well, after a short hiatus from SuppVersity (a well excused one by the way), I’m back to continue my responsibilities of making my guest blogs every other Thursday anin order to share my experiences with the SuppVersity readers as I continue my journey through the world of fitness, nutrition and physical culture ;-)

For those of you who have not been following Adelfo's blogposts right from the beginning: You can read up on his amazing and truly inspiring story how, he got injured and turned it life around in his very first SuppVersity post.
The reason I have been a bit inconsistent with my guest blogs the past few weeks was - as some of you may rememeber - the final weeks of school before the graduation, when I had to learn, juggle two part time jobs and prepare for my upcoming bodybuilding competition in March '13. Not that I’m complaining, I love what has been put on my plate as of late and I’m definitely not going to take it for granted. Still, I am honestly happy that the storm is over now, that I'm finally done with school and have accomplished a goal that I set for myself 4 years ago, when I realized what my calling was and made the decision to go back to school and finish my degree in nutrition science. So now that school is done I can really focus on personal endeavors and other goals I have in mind. - with the first and most obvious one being the dang overall at the show in Florida, so I can finally earn my pro card to become an IFBB wheelchair pro.

I’ve been chasing this piece of paper for a while now and fell short twice last year to two worthy competitors. And as bad as I want that title, I know it’s not priority and never have and never will hold that title on a pedestal to where it becomes my main focus in life. It's my passion, yeah, but in the end it’s just bodybuilding, and not that important when I compare it to other aspects or priorities in my life…

Don't get it twisted, though! I am a competitor ...

.. and I will bring my “A+” game this March, and feel that I’ve made all the necessary adjustments and right moves to put myself in that position. This year I’ve surrounded myself with a great support system of friends, family, mentors, coaches and teammates that have motivated and pushed me physically and mentally to better myself from last year and to put me in a great position to have a shot at that thing again.
Figure 1: Comparison shot this vs. last contest prep back double biceps(img. Adelfo Cerame. 2012-13)
I’ve noticed some significant changes in my physique this year… I’ve been able to put on a tad bit more size especially in my lower back, I’ve been able to add some thickness to it and just might be able to bring out that Christmas tree that I’ve always been looking for on previous preps.

Full, pumped and yet still more defined - what more can you ask for?

In case you don't remember the full story, here is how Adelfo Cerame finally turned his 3-year love and hate relationship with carbs into a highly appreciated ergogenic & delicious friendship (read more)
The biggest difference that I notice is yet that I’m a lot fuller and that despite the fact that my conditioning is a tad better than at the same timepoint during my last prep. And If you’re wondering what adjustments I’ve made this year to make that difference? I’m guessing it’s the higher amounts of carbohydrates I’m consuming this year. That, and the higher training volume I am thus able to sustain. Combined with an increased frquency in body part specific training and the minimal amount of cardio, I've been doing throughout my prep, I was able to keep my overall carbohydrate intake at 150-200g per day, which is - according to my own previous standards, almost hillariously high. I have to thank my coach Alberto Nunez for convincing me to give this high carb moderate-to-low fat approach a try. It has worked out perfectly and according to Alberto, it's also going to help me finally bring in the conditioning and fullness, I may haave been lacking on my previous shows.

I feel that I’m way ahead of schedule from where I was at last year. And from the conversations that coach Alberto and I had; he told me that we haven’t even begun to get serious yet. Lol. So if that’s the case, then from this point on, I’m pretty curious and excited to see for myself how much further I can push my body so I can really achieve that disgusting anatomy chart look ;-)

"Bring on those homemade cheeseburgers, slow churned ice, and poptart pastries!"

Learn more about the RPE routine Adelfo used earlier in his prep
The picture Adel edited in right on top of the article was taken on Monday, when I was exactly 7 weeks out and on the last couple of days of an intermittent 3-week intensive dig at only 100g of carbs/day coach Alberto put me on. As of Wednesday (yesterday), we have started to slowly bring the carbs back  up on regular days and refeed days (WOOOO!!! Right in time for Superbowl on Sunday). Based on what I gather from the weekly evaluations that I get from Alberto, he feels that my body is lean enough to really benefit from an increase in carbohydrates, which will now after this intermittent low carb period be directed right where they belong - into the muscle! So bring on those homemade cheeseburgers, slow churned ice, and poptart pastries! It’s time to get serious!  Oh… Also bring on the fruits and vegetables! Can’t forget about those!

Well that’s all for this week folks! I’m glad to be back on a more consistent level from now on. And please feel free to leave comments below, positive or negative I will try to respond to all of them! Thanks for your on-going support :-)