LG Natadrol: A Short Write-Up

A few weeks ago, LG released Natadrol, a product containing a new, self-proclaimed  "potent muscle-building androgen found naturally occurring in our environment". Sounds like an invitation for a "SuppVerSive" investigation into its somewhat exotic ingredients.* So lets see what we have here

* Tinospora Cordifolia (TC)

Overall: If TC is androgenic in the prostate it might as well work as an androgen elsewhere, other than that there is no evidence that apart from being "healthy" (outside the prostate) it might in itself be anabolic. Note: LG is honest and lists it under "androgenic factor" < so their claim holds true, yet it has been established only in a single tissue (i.e. your prostate), which is where you actually want to avoid that ;) 

Edited 08/14/2010: A recent review lists Tinospora as a plant which potentially harms your testes > check the whole news

While this certainly is the main working ingredient some additions are worth mentioning as well.

* Cissus Quadrangularis
I know of my head that there is a study showing that Cissus increases lean mass gains and helps with loosing fat. I've known that for years and the only reason I could think of that it is not included in far more products is that trainees tend to think it is for joints only. That, however, is not true: it is anti-cortisol and thus favors an anabolic, i.e. high, testosterone/cortisol ratio

Overall: The ergogenic effects of cissus have been scientifically investigated (e.g. Oben. 2007). Defenitely a plus, if its a quality extract (cf. Oben. 2007. Table 1 for details on the extract used in the study)

* Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
While its hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects have been established, its advertised role as a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), is mentioned exclusively in the title of a non-digitized study by Kholkute & Udoba dating back to 1976. This does not say that Hibiscus rosa-sinensis does not, as the title suggests have a
ntiestrogenic activity. It does however suggest that the effect must not have been all too pronounced, because otherwise further studies would have been undertaken to investigate into these effects.

* Curculigo Orchioides (CO)
A 2009 study by Thakur et.al.  provides some evidence that CO is a highly effective aphrodisiac @200mg/kg (in rats) What is a little disturbing is a study stating that 

"Increase in uterine glycogen content in ovariectomized rats under the influence of alcoholic extract of Curculigo orchioides may be due to their estrogenic activity since estrogens have been reported to increase the hexose transport into the rat uterus and thereby increase the synthesis of glycogen in uterus." (Thakur. 2009)
This does yet not mean that it works the same way in male human beings, even in male rats it had quite the opposite effect
"Administration of 100 mg/kg of extract change significantly the sexual behavior as assessed by determining parameters such as penile erection, mating performance, mount frequency and mount latency. Moreover a pronounced anabolic and spermatogenic effect was evidenced by weight gains of reproductive organs." (Chauhan. 2007)
Overall Natadrol seems to be solid test-booster and the gabber about it needing a post cylce therapy (PCT meant to restore hormone levels after prohormone-(ab-)use) is either a marketing-gag or a squalid attempt to trick costumers into buying the LG's PCT formula Formadrol, as well.

*On a side note: Some of you may have noticed that this is a slightly revised version of a mini-review I have posted on Facebook before.
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