OxyElite Pro: Anonymous User Posts Lab Report at BB.COM

Normally this would not be a topic for SuppVersity, but with my personal OxyElite Pro-experience being surprisingly productive (i.e. far more than one would expect from a combination of the ingredients on the label), I considered this LabReport worth posting:
If you compare the lab-analysis with the ingredient list on the label of OxyElite Pro there is one compound which should not be in there, which is alpha-methylsynephrine; I will comment on the low does of Cirsium, Bacosides & Bauhinia in the body of this blogpost
Originally, it appeared on the BB.COM forum where both poster, as well as image have been removed within hours. With about 17,000 visitors and more than 600 contributions the thread literally exploded within the first 24h. In spite of that, I could not find any of the otherwise (over-)active USP-Labs-Reps comment or at least refute the results of this lab analysis.

If you have a closer look at the label of OxyElite Pro and compare what you read to the lab analysis , you will notice that
  1. There is alpha-methyl-synephrine in the product, although there is no compound such as Citrus Aurantium on the ingredient list, which would explain the appearance of natural synephrine in the HPLC test. What's more, even if there were any natural source of synephrine on the label, alpha-methyl-synephrine is something that must have been artificially added to the product (whether on purpose or due to contamination).

  2. Judged against their position on the label the product appears to contain very little Bauhinia Purpurea, Bacopa Monniera and Cirsium Oligophyllum.
    In view of what the labaratory was looking for, one must however revise this complaint. Clever as they are, USP did not give any speficic values on the standardization of the extracts. So, altough the amount of Bauhinia Purpurea and Cirsium Oligophyllum seems negligible, at least in the case of the amount of Bauhinia Purpurea  the weight of the herbal extract that is in the caps was to be expected to be far above the weight of the respective agent, i.e. flavonoids, it is standardized for. Although the report does not state this explicitly, I would speculate that the same holds true for the Cirsium Oligophyllum about the lipolytic activity of which you can find some information in a very recent SuppVersity course
To conclude, let me add that we still do not know whether the lab analysis is real or just a fake intended to harm USP, who - judged by the nomination list of the BB.COM supplement award - are among the climbers in the highly competitive business of dietary supplements. So, before you flush the rest of the caps from your bottle of OxyElite Pro down the toilette, rather give it a try. I found it to be a good mood enhancer and mild, yet effective recomposition agent with fat loss right at those areas where the fat usually sticks around (this requires a low carb diet, though).
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