Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clenbuterol as Libido Booster? Not really...

Figure 1: Chemical structure of clenbuterol
(R)-Isomer (top) and (S)-Isomer (bottom)
In a 1989 study Benilla (Benilla. 1989) found an astonishing effect of low (0.01mg/kg) / high (0.1mg/kg) dose clenbuterol administration to rats. Interestingly, the beta-agonistic effect of Clenbuterol increased or decreased sexual activity depending on former activity levels.

For sexually vigorous rats Clenbuterol decreased the sexual activity significantly, while formerly sluggish rats on a low dose clenbuterol regimen (0.01mg/kg/day) suddenly became "serial lovers" with an increase in mount latency from a sluggish 580.3s to a horny 99.5s. Their pharmacologically improved mount latency is however is still longer than that of untreated, sexually vigorous rats (61.5s). Similarly, their postejaculation interval (462s) is still 32% above that of their naturally ruttish fellows.

Bottom line: Do not try to use Clenbuterol as a Viagra replacement AND please do not take both at a time, if your heart (muscle) is close to your heart ;-)