Adelfo Cerame - Three Months Bulk Wrap-Up + My Three Bulking Guidelines For Pre-, Post and Wendy's ;-)

Adelfo takes measure...  as an aside: This picture goes to show you that the right (or wrong) light and posing can do much more (in this case harm, on the photos I usually post of Adelfo however good!) to your physique than any anabolic steroids and it works in minutes!
I guess I'll make it brief today and won't promise too much for the SuppVersity Science Roundup which starts, as usual, at 1PM (EST) live on Super Human Radio (click here to listen live). It's always a show you don't want to miss, but if you are by any means interested in gyno, prostate and men's health, I am pretty sure we will tackle all that. Not so sure about pseudo-ephedrine being no alternative to the "real deal" and a bunch of other stuff on training, nutrition and supplementation... best you tune in life or check out the Super Human RSS Feed (see navigation on the right where it says "Listen to Physical Culture") for the podcast that will be available ~2h after the show ends.

So much for the self-promotion part and now for something that will segue right into Adelfo's post.

I have been contemplating, whether or not I should address this, but I felt it was necessary to let all people who have not seen the (who wonders) anonymous commenter who indirectly accused Adelfo of being on gear last Friday (click here to be taken right to the comment). I won't repeat what I said about the whole issue in that very post - if you are interested you can read it up, but I do want to quote part of Adelfo's reply or at least parts of it, because I feel that it tells much about the difference between "unknown" on the one hand and my friend Adelfo, on the other hand:
"To be honest; I don't really mind the steroid accusations. [...] With regards to you accusing me of being a lier? Yes that upset me a bit, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is an open forum where people can comment and say what they want so I have no qualms with that but in my defense, I'm a physical culture enthusiast and a student of the game just like all the subscribers on here. I don't claim or ever will claim to know everything, I'm no genius, i'm no guru, I'm a nobody. I was just fortunate enough to be invited by Dr. Andro on a weekly basis to share my experiences with nutrition and fitness as a disabled athlete, and how I apply them to my circumstances. That's all I do; share my experiences, and give advice and pointers based on my experiences." - Adelfo Cerame, September 22, 2012 9:43 AM
Adelfo followed this up with an offer to help "unkown" to identify, where he may improve on his training, nutrition and supplementation regimen, which "unkown" did not accept... so, just in case you just missed it, "unkown", the offer is still valid... I guess you all have heard enough of me (Dr. Andro) for now, so I better hand over to Adelfo and his thursdaily progress updates!

3-month bulk wrap-up: Where I came from, am now and how I got from then to now

It’s final week of my bulk before I start my prep next week, so just thought I’d give you guys a brief final update of how everything went…

Progress facts*
Weight: 140  => 155lbs
Chest: 40 => 41"
Arms: 17.5 => 17.5"
Shoulders: 48.5 => 49"
Waist: 29 => 33"
*  (July 2 => now)
Bottom line: Chest grew about an inch- Shoulders grew ½ an inch- gut grew 4.5 inches (Lol) – but my arms stayed fairly the same. It’s kind of hard to measure the arms yourself it may have grew a tad but not to any significance to where you can noticeably see the measure tape budge.
Kind of tough to measure yourself but this is how I did it in the beginning of my bulk, so hopefully I measured right
Macros for last month: 
  • PRO: 150-180g
  • CHO: 250-300g
  • FAT: 80-100g
Total Energy: 2300-2500kcal
Overall, I feel the whole 3-month bulk went pretty well, much better than my previous attempts at bulking. I was able to stay much leaner this year, while at the same time being able to pack on a tad bit of lean muscle for the short time I had. 
Front pose – Rear Double Bi- Relaxed back pose
I felt I could’ve made a better effort to stay leaner, but it’s really hard when it’s the off-season and you don’t have a show to prepare for in a while. Particularly in the last month, I've been sort of sloppy and got lazy with tracking my macros. I eventually just started eyeballing my food and guesstimating my portions based on my total calories and daily macronutrient goals. It was a very flexible last month.

You can see the "exact" (actually I should say estimate) numbers for the last month in the overview on the right. These are the numbers where I sort of fluctuated around, and most of the days I was on the higher end of my macros and maybe have gone a little over from time to time due to my many PWO meal rendezvous at Wendy’s located right across the street from my gym.

How I tackled the bulk - Three simple dietary guidelines
  • Two 4 oz bison steaks, 2-3 cups of rice, 2 cage free eggs, 1 small whole papaya! This is how my PWO meals look like when I’m not being a fat ass eating my PWO meals at Wendy’s which has the advantage of being able make up for the calories I would otherwise miss later on ;-)
    eat a light protein + fat pre workout meal  - sometimes I even trained fasted just w/ BCAA’s and creatine if I was in a rush or on the go
  • have 2 big meals after you trained (not including PWO shake) - I just ate until I got full and I used a lot of rice to make up for the carbs, if I felt like I didn’t hit my intake. 1 cup of cooked rice is about 50g of carbs so 2 cups easily will get you 100g of carbs; it goes down pretty easily, so exercise caution ;-)
  • make sure not to miss your last meal - I have been real busy and on the go as of late, so it has been really tough to get my last meal in at times, so after my workouts I would just go to Wendy’s (which is right across the street from my gym) - Lol; and when I got home I would just pound a protein shake before bed just to make sure I got enough protein for the day just increase I didn’t.

And as far as training goes... for the first half of my bulk I did a 5x5 strength training and hypertrophy training split, but towards the home stretch I started doing Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 strength training with the same hypertrophy training split. If you want more details, just refer back to my past blogs to check the training regimen I’ve been using for the past 6 weeks using Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 - I could outline it all over again, but don't want to bore you with that.

That’s all I have for now, but stay tuned for next week for my first week of prep!
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